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At YourCar.co.uk, we take great pride in the fact that we are a group of car enthusiasts that are experienced and able to provide expert advice that you can trust. Whether we are walking you through how to repair your car, providing information regarding a certain topic or reviewing a product, we use our expertise and first-hand experience to create content that's accurate, unique and easy to understand.

All the content that you find on YourCar.co.uk is written by our team and no one else. We strictly don’t allow third party content onto the site and this is to ensure that you as the reader can trust the unbiased recommendations and advice that we provide.

Who are YourCar

As we are car enthusiasts/completely obsessed with cars, we are able to go into far more depth with regards to our guides, tutorials and product recommendations. As you read our content, you will clearly see this type of knowledge when compared to other websites that claim to be enthusiasts.

Unlike other websites that push any products for the most financial gain, we are the complete opposite. We use our experience to thoroughly research and test the products in order to provide our analysis. We would also never recommend a product that we wouldn't use ourselves.

As a team, we fully understand the UK motoring and car market and our combined experience and first-hand knowledge allows us to thoroughly cover any topic in the sector. The content upon YourCar is split into three different types, which are informative guides/advice, tutorials and product reviews. If you want to find out more about the content, read our editorial process for further details.

Product reviews is our most popular type of content and it's also content that our team love producing. This is mainly due to the fact that we get to test hundreds of new products upon our own cars. Between the team, there is over 40 different cars and this allows us to thoroughly test products and provide comparisons. We also have our very own garage that features a two post lift and this is where we test out a lot of our products. Within our garage, we are also planning to setup a dedicated detailing bay in order to make testing detailing products much easier. If you are wondering what goes into our testing process, click through to read more about how we test.

Our main goal with our product reviews is to produce accurate, reliable and credible buying advice that you can trust. We achieve this by being hands-on with the products and being experts within the sector. When testing out the products, we test them using our own cars and between the team, there are over 40 cars to use the products on. In terms of our product reviews, they come in the form of a roundup post (best overall, best performing, best budget and so on) or a single product review.

The fact that we take photos of us testing the products as well as actually using them is a clear sign that our recommendations are something that you can trust. If you want to keep up to date with our content, we regularly post on our Instagram page.

Subject Matter Experts

Other than drooling over cars that we can’t afford on AutoTrader or PistonHeads, we do actually spend several hours a day making YourCar what is it today. However, when we aren't creating content, you'll often find us working on, modifying or detailing cars, reading up on the latest car news, driving on some great roads or attending various car shows across the UK (as shown below).

YourCar Experts
YourCar Subject Matter Experts
YourCar What We Do

Our combined experience and first-hand knowledge makes YourCar standout from the crowd. We have years of experience driving, working on cars and motoring in general and you can rest assure that you can trust everything you read upon the website.

Where We Test

In order to store and assist working on our cars, we have our very own garage that's fully kitted out with all the tools we require. One of the main tools is a two post lift, which allows us to lift any vehicle up to 5 ton in the air. The garage was a big investment for us but it enables us to thoroughly test any products and take more detailed photos for the website.

YourCar Subject Matter Experts
YourCar What We Do

Along with our garage, we are aiming to build a dedicated detailing bay. This is primarily because detailing products make up a big portion of the products we test out. The detailing bay will include lots of lighting and it'll be much cleaner than the garage.

Who's Behind YourCar?

Dan The Founder of YourCar

Dan Morgan

[email protected]

Dan has been a car enthusiast ever since he can remember and has owned well over 50 cars since getting his driving license in 2010. The current fleet of cars include a mixture of classics (mostly old German cars), a “mobile skip”/load lugger, daily driver, Audi R8 and even a 911 GT3. However, as you can imagine, the fleet of cars gets bigger each year.

In his own words "The reason for creating YourCar is purely due to the lack of UK car enthusiast driven websites that offer accurate and credible advice. For example, if you are looking for a certain product, detailed advice or a tutorial, you want to read an article posted by an enthusiast/expert and not a random journalist. This is the unique selling point of YourCar and you can tell from reading our content that we are enthusiasts/experts that know what we are talking about".

Oliver YourCar

Oliver Richard

[email protected]

Oliver joined the YourCar team in September 2021 and he brings years of experience. Before joining YourCar, Oliver was a master technician at Volkswagen but he since moved away from dealing with "average" cars to open up his own classic car restoration garage.

Therefore, he brings a mechanical side to the team and oversees a lot of the content that requires practical knowledge. Some of the cars that Oliver owns include a BMW E30 (325i), Land Rover Defender, MK7 Golf R Estate (daily) and a Mercedes SL (long term project car).

Although Dan and Oliver are the main content creators, other team members include Jon Snowden, Charlotte Osbourne and Alex Phillips. These three are mostly found in the office and focus on the web design/development, content research and quality checking.

Our Office

Our office is located at 133 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9PJ and it's where we write all of our content for the website. We chose this location because it's down the road from our garage, which makes it the ideal location for content creation.

Getting In Touch

We love to hear back from our readers and if you have any feedback, please get in touch via [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use our contact form and we will aim to get back in touch with you within two working days.

Reader Supported Website

In order to create our product reviews in as much detail as possible, YourCar.co.uk is reader-supported. This means that products that we recommend upon the site may earn us an affiliate commission on sales through the links provided. However, this comes at no extra cost to you whatsoever. You can find out more upon our Earnings Disclaimer page.

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