The Best Car Cleaning Kit 2023

If you are new to detailing or simply want to freshen up your cleaning products, a quality car cleaning kit is a great investment. They are packed with everything you need for all year round maintenance and are often far cheaper than buying the products individually.

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Best Car Cleaning Kit
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After testing and plenty of research, we found that the best car cleaning kit is the Autoglym Collection, which includes everything you need for all year round car cleaning. It also comes with a branded bag that allows you to organise and store each of the products in separate dividers (as shown in the image above). However, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative, the Carplan Demon is the best value kit that comes with all their top rated car cleaning products.

In terms of rating the cleaning kits within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing and multiple factors. The factors that were considered included the variety of products, inclusion of a storage bag and value for money.

Best Car Cleaning Kit Overview

Most of the big detailing brands in the UK offer a variety of car cleaning kits with a mixture of products. Whether you want to clean the interior or exterior, the recommended kits come with everything you need to maintain your car all year round.

Below is a list of the best car cleaning kits that come with all the products you need for interior and exterior cleaning.

The Best Car Cleaning Kits

1. Best Overall: Autoglym The Collection

By far the most popular car cleaning kit in the UK is the Autoglym Collection and for good reason too. It’s a complete kit that comes with a durable bag and includes dividers for each of the products within the kit.

In terms of what’s in the bag, there is a total of 12 products that includes everything from their popular car polish to their interior shampoo. It’s everything you need and more and it’s suitable for both beginners or detailing enthusiasts.

  • Packed ready to be gifted
  • Interior and exterior cleaning products
  • High quality spray bottles
  • Durable bag with dividers and pockets
  • Optional microfiber cloths and wash mitts
  • Relatively expensive when compared to kits with similar products

Although expensive, the Autoglym Collection is the best car cleaning kit on the market and its the perfect gift for car lovers. The popularity of this kit speaks for itself and it certainly won’t disappoint. The branded storage bag is another great bonus as it allows you to keep all the products organised and protected.

2. Best For Exterior: Meguiar’s Deluxe Car Cleaning Kit

Another popular car cleaning kit that’s manufactured by a reputable detailing brand is the Meguiar’s Deluxe Car Care. It comes with all the brand’s most rated products and is perfect for easily and quickly cleaning any type of car.

The complete car cleaning kit includes the brand’s shampoo, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, tyre shine, spray wax, applicator, cloths and even a zippered branded bag.

  • Branded zippered bag for storing products
  • Safe to use on all paintwork types and glass
  • Latest selection of car detailing products from the Meguiar’s brand
  • Supplied with applicators and cloths for using the products
  • Most expensive kit within this article

The Meguiar’s Deluxe Car Care Kit is another highly rated option that’s ideal for all experience levels. It also offers great value as according to the brand, there are huge savings when compared to buying the products separately. Meguiar’s also offer alternative kits that are suitable for paint correction and ceramic waxing too.

3. Best For Enthusiasts: Gtechniq Car Essential Maintenance Kit

Gtechniq are a specialist brand that are well-known for their premium detailing products that are highly effective. Within their Essential Maintenance Kit, it includes many of their most rated products for all-round car cleaning.

Included in the kit is shampoo, quick detailer, glass cleaner, fallout remover, tyre dressing, bug remover and microfiber cloths. According to the brand, buying them within this kit saves over 15% when compared to buying them separately.

  • Large branded kit bag
  • Refillable spray bottles
  • Suitable for all exterior and interior use
  • Bulk buy savings
  • Small bottle sizes (may go through the products quickly)
  • Relatively expensive when compared to the alternatives

Overall, the Gtechniq Car Essential Maintenance Kit is a high quality option that includes everything you need to maintain your vehicle all year round. The only drawback is the premium price tag and small bottle sizes. However, if you have previously used some of the Gtechniq products, you will know how effective they are.

4. Best All-Rounder: Carplan Demon Car Cleaning Kit

The Carplan Demon Kit is a more affordable alternative to the kits above that’s still packed full of products. Included is the brand’s highly rated snow foam, spray on shine, detail spray, wheel cleaner, sponge and even an air freshener.

It’s worth noting that the supplied sponge isn’t advised for use on the paintwork unless carefully used. We strongly recommend switching it for a wash mitt that traps dirt and avoids swirl marks or light scratches.

  • 7 of the brand’s most popular products
  • Each bottle contains 1 litre of fluid
  • All products can be used regularly
  • Refillable spray bottles
  • Supplied with a sponge instead of a wash mitt

Overall, the Carplan Demon Car Cleaning Kit offers the best value for the money and includes all the essentials. Unlike some of the similar priced alternatives, the brand’s bottle sizes are much larger (1 litre) for extra bang for your buck.

5. Best For Gifting: Car Gods Complete Cleaning Gift Pack

The Car Gods Kit is another popular option that comes as a 8 piece set for thorough interior and exterior cleaning. Included in the kit is the brand’s popular car wash shampoo, fallout remover, wax, detail spray, wheel cleaner, tyre serum, glass cleaner and interior detailer.

  • Durable storage bag that's ideal for gifting
  • Interior and exterior cleaning products
  • Includes the brand’s most popular products
  • Refillable bottles
  • Premium price tag without the reputable brand backing

Overall, the Car Gods Cleaning Kit is a great option that includes a variety of products for thoroughly detailing your car. The only drawback is that it does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.

6. Best Value: Armor All Car Care Detailing Kit

One of the cheapest car cleaning kits that’s actually worth buying is the Armor All Care Kit. It’s available as an essentials, interior or exterior pack where each of the cleaning products are manufactured in the UK. In terms of the products, the kit includes a detail spray, glass wipes, insect remover, car wash, wheel cleaner and a sponge.

  • Unique caddy packaging that makes it easier to transport
  • Available as an interior or exterior kit
  • Packed with the brand’s most popular products
  • All the contents are made in the UK
  • Supplied with a sponge instead of a wash mitt
  • Supplied chamois isn't as effective when compared to a dedicated drying towel

Apart from the fact that it comes with a sponge as opposed to a wash mitt, the Armor All Care Kit is a great choice. It includes everything that you need to fully clean your car and it also offers excellent value for the money.

How We Rated The Car Cleaning Kits

Investing into a complete car cleaning kit is highly recommended if you are running low on cleaning products. As we test a whole range of detailing products, we have used lots of kits over the years that come from some of the most reputable brands in the business.

As well as testing out the products, we also based our recommendations above upon their product variation, inclusion of a bag and value for money. We felt that these three factors are the most important whilst researching the various options on the market.

For example, if the kit doesn’t come with a selection of products that’s suitable for cleaning both the interior and exterior, it’s not a “complete” cleaning kit. Although the storage bag isn’t an essential, it’s always nice to have because organising all of the products can be difficult without it. Finally, value for money is crucial because if you can buy the products cheaper by buying them individually, it makes the kit pretty much pointless.

Car Cleaning Kit


Whether you are new to car valeting or simply want to buy a complete kit because its cheaper than buying the products separately, there is a great selection available. All of our recommendations in this article are produced by reputable detailing brands in the UK. Although most include everything you need, some may not include applicators or cloths for using the products. Therefore, we would recommend purchasing these separately to avoid disappointment.

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