The Best Car Fridge 2023

Whether you want to keep your shopping cool whilst travelling back from the shops or you are planning a road trip, a car fridge is a great investment. The majority use a 12V supply and are available in a range of sizes to best suit your requirements.

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Best Car Fridge
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The best car fridge is the Calmdo 35L, which is an electric coolbox that’s completely portable and provides a large capacity of 35 litres. If you are on a budget and require something a smaller, the AstroAI Mini is the best alternative.

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Car Fridge Comparison

Car Fridge Capacity Size
Calmdo 35L 35 Litres 57.8 x 37.1 x 50.0 cm
Alpicool G22 22 Litres 57.9 x 32.0 x 33.5 cm
AstroAI Mini 4 Litres 13.9 x 13.4 x 19.9 cm
Kealive 12V 15 Litres 39.2 x 27.0 x 31.0 cm
MOBICOOL Mirabelle 20 Litres 39.3 x 23.3 x 40.0 cm
Coca Cola 12V 4 Litres 18.4 x 23.5 x 26.6 cm

Below is a list of the best car fridges that can be powered by a 12V supply and have a completely portable design.

The Best Car Fridge

1. Calmdo Portable Car Fridge

Calmdo Portable Car Fridge
The Calmdo Car Fridge is a premium option that provides up to 35 litres of capacity to handle all your shopping or road trip essentials. However, unlike other large capacity fridges, this particular model provides fast cooling and precise temperature control to best suit your cooling requirements.

Other features of the Calmdo Car Fridge include:

  • Large 35 litre capacity
  • DC brushless refrigeration compressor
  • Removable wire basket
  • Silent operation (45 dB)
  • 57.8 x 37.1 x 50 cm in size (L x W x H)
  • Opens outward or inward
  • Weighs 13.7 KG
  • Low energy consumption

Although expensive, the Calmdo Car Fridge is the ultimate fridge for your car and worth the premium price tag. Due to the size, it won’t be suitable for all vehicles but if you drive a large estate, SUV, van or campervan, it’s the best option.
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2. Alpicool G22 12V Car Fridge

Alpicool G22
Another premium car fridge that’s highly rated is the Alpicool G22, which as the model name suggest provides a capacity of 22 litres. In terms of it’s performance, the brand states that it can freeze down to -20 degrees and the low noise design means that it only produces 40 dB of noise.

Other features of the Alpicool G22 Fridge include:

  • Simple LCD control panel
  • Quiet operation
  • 57.9 x 32.0 x 33.5 cm in size
  • 22 litre capacity
  • Weighs 11.0 KG
  • Durable and shockproof design
  • Battery protection modes

If the Calmdo above is too big, the more compact Alpicool G22 is a great alternative and a top rated car fridge. The 22 litres of fridge space is more than suitable for most people as its enough to store 32 cans of cola or 16 bottles of water.
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3. AstroAI Mini Fridge For Cars

AstroAI Mini Fridge
If you are looking for a more affordable car fridge that’s ideal for road trips, the AstroAI brand have the answer. Their mini fridge has a 4 litre capacity and includes two plugs for inside the car via a 12V DC connection or in your home with a standard AC plug.

Other features of the AstroAI Mini Car Fridge include:

  • Compact design with a carry handle
  • Available in black or white
  • 13.9 x 13.4 x 19.9 cm in size
  • CE, FCC, ETL, RoHS certified
  • Backed by a 3 year warranty

The AstroAI Mini Fridge is a great budget option that can be easily stored in the car and is ideal for keeping your beverages cool on road trips. The brand also offer an impressive three year warranty for complete peace of mind, which is another great bonus of this mini fridge.
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4. Kealive 12V Car Mini Fridge

Another popular car fridge that’s supplied with two plugs for car or home use is the Kealive 12V fridge. It offers a capacity of 15 litres and includes two modes for energy saving or fast cooling via a “MAX” mode.

Other features of the Kealive 12V Fridge include:

  • 15 litre capacity
  • AC/DC adapters
  • 39.2 x 27.0 x 31.0 cm in size
  • Silent operation at 35 dB
  • Ergonomic carry handle

Overall, the Kealive 12V Fridge is an excellent all-round option that’s affordable, efficient and provides more than enough space for your food or drink.
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5. MOBICOOL Mirabelle Car Fridge

MOBICOOL Mirabelle
The MOBICOOL Mirabelle is a new and improved fridge by the brand that provides a capacity of 20 litres. It’s fairly basic in terms of its design but it features high quality insulation to keep the contents cool for many hours without power.

Other features of the MOBICOOL Mirabelle include:

  • New and improved design
  • 20 litres of capacity
  • Detachable lid with handle
  • 39.3 x 23.3 x 40 cm in size
  • Supplied with a 12V power cable

Overall, the MOBICOOL Mirabelle is a great choice and features a unique design that easily fits behind the driver or passenger seat. Considering its low price tag, it also offer great value for the money too.
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6. Coca Cola 12V Fridge For Cars

Coca Cola Mini Fridge
Another car mini fridge that’s suitable for those on a tight budget is the Coca Cola fridge. It comes in a choice of three stylish designs where each provide 4 litres of space for all your beverages and snacks.

Other features of the Coca Cola 12V Fridge include:

  • 4 litre capacity
  • Choice of 3 different designs
  • Semi-conductor cooling module
  • Supplied with a 12V DC and 110V AC plug
  • Clever self-locking door handle
  • 18.42 x 23.5 x 26.67 cm in size

The Coca Cola Mini Fridge is by far the most stylish car fridge on the market that’s ideal for road trips. The only drawback is the limited capacity but if you only require it for a small amount of beverages, it’s more than ideal.
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Unless you drive a luxury car such as a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes S Class and so on, it’s very unlikely that a car fridge will be an available optional extra. However, with any of the above recommendations, you can add a fridge to your car but at a fraction of the cost. They are powered by a 12V supply and have completely portable design that’s ideal for long road trips, camping and so much more.

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