The Best Car Seat Covers 2023

Car seat covers are the best way to keep your seats in pristine condition and hide any imperfections. In this article, we list a some of the best that are compatible with the majority of car seats and provide your interior with a fresh new look.

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Best Car Seat Covers
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The best car seat covers are the Sakura Merton Set, which is available as a full set or just covers for the front seats. If you need heavy duty seat covers, the Lifestrong Protector Set is the best and they are perfect for any work vehicle.

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Car Seat Covers Comparison

Car Seat Covers Type Colour(s)
Sakura Merton Full or Front Seats Black/Grey
Lionstrong Protector Front Seats Black
Alfheim Nonslip Front Seats Black
Carseatcover-UK Set Front Seats Black, Grey, Red, Navy or Blue
KKmoon Classic Full or Front Seats Blue, Grey or Red
Black Panther Leather Front Seats Black, Grey or Beige

Below is a list of the best car seat covers that are available for the front seats or come as complete set.

The Best Car Seat Covers

1. Sakura Merton Universal Car Seat Covers

Sakura Merton
By far one of the most popular car seat covers in the UK are by the Sakura brand and their Merton Black/Grey set. Depending upon your requirements, it’s available as covers for the front passenger seats or a full set.

Other features of the Sakura Merton Covers include:

  • Elasticated hems and securing loops
  • Separate headrest covers
  • Side airbag compatible
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Fully machine washable
  • Modern sports design
  • Made in the UK

The Sakura Merton Covers ticks all the boxes and with the universal design, they are suitable for most cars with standard seats. Considering the low price tag, they also offer outstanding value for the money too.
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2. Lionstrong Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Lionstrong Protector
If you require maximum durability rather than looks, the Lionstrong Seat Cover is the best alternative. It’s a universal option that’s suitable for small cars to SUV’s and attaches around the back of the seat using a clip fastener.

Other features of the Lionstrong Seat Cover include:

  • Single seat cover
  • Waterproof and tear resistant
  • Universal fit for all cars or vans
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Money back guarantee

The Lionstrong Seat Cover is the best durable option that’s made from a hardwearing material and is fully waterproof. It’s the perfect cover for a work vehicle or any seats that you want maximum protection for.
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3. Alfheim Nonslip Car Seat Covers

Alfheim Nonslip
A more aesthetically pleasing cover that’s ideal for passengers or dogs secured with a harness is by the Alfheim brand. It’s a universal fit for most cars, vans or SUV’s and is even backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Other features of the Alfheim Front Seat Cover include:

  • Universal fit for all vehicles
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • High quality Oxford 600D material
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Overall, if you require a hardwearing but aesthetically pleasing car seat cover, the Alfheim option is the best. Unlike similar priced alternatives, it also features a non-slip backing, which avoids the frustrating movement of the cover.
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4. Carseatcover-UK Heavy Duty Set

Carseatcover-UK Set
Another set of waterproof car seat covers that’s been manufactured with durability in mind is by the Carseatcover-UK brand. They come as a pair that are suitable for the front seats and are available in black, grey, navy, blue or red.

Other features of the Carseatcover-UK Covers include:

  • Airbag and armrest compatible
  • Heavy duty and rubber lined
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Universal fit for most cars
  • Available in 5 different colours

Considering the low price tag and the fact that it comes with two heavy duty covers, they offer great value. Compared to similar priced alternatives, they are much better quality and are made from a more hardwearing material.
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5. KKmoon Classic Car Seat Covers

Another set of sporty covers for car seats are by the KKmoon brand and they offer them in a choice of blue, grey or red. According to the brand, the universal design is easy to install and even comes with a storage bag for when not in use.

Other features of the KKmoon Full Cover Set include:

  • Universal fitting
  • Available in grey, blue or red
  • Easy to install and clean
  • 5 x separate headrest covers
  • Supplied with a storage bag

The KKmoon car seat covers are an excellent all-round option that are universal fitting and come in a choice of three colours. Considering its price, you cannot go wrong and the kit even comes with a storage bag as an added bonus.
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6. Black Panther Leather Car Seat Covers

Black Panther Leather
If you are willing to spend a little extra for additional quality, the Black Panther Leather car seat covers are a great choice. They are made from a PU leather, which according to the brand is waterproof and highly durable.

Other features of the Black Panther Leather Cover include:

  • Available in black, beige or grey
  • Side air bag friendly
  • Integrated lumbar support cushion
  • Non-slip backing
  • Easy to clean with a damp towel
  • Aesthetically pleasing honeycomb pattern

Although expensive, the Black Panther Leather covers are well-made and provide a high quality look and feel when compared to the alternatives. They are also available in common car leather seat colours for a better colour match.
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Covering up your seats for protection or to hide imperfections is much cheaper than you’d expect and they are available in a variety of styles. Whether you want to cover all the seats or just the two front seats, all of our recommendations are suitable for every seat configuration.

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