The Best Car Subwoofer 2022

The best way to add high quality deep bass to the music inside of your car is to install a car subwoofer. They are available in a range of woofer sizes that deliver anywhere from 300 to 2,000 watts of door shaking power and below are some of the best.

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Best Car Subwoofer
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If you require a quick answer, the best car subwoofer is the Pioneer TS-WX300A, which has a built-in class D amplifier and produces an impressive peak power output of 1,300 watts. However, if you require even more bass, the Sony Xplod is the best alternative with peak power rated at 1,800 watts and RMS at 420 watts.

To rate the car subwoofers within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using multiple subwoofers, research and a number of factors. The factors that we considered included their RMS and peak power ratings, type, size, construction, design, warranty and value for money.

Car Subwoofer Comparison

Car SubwooferTypePeak Power
Pioneer TS-WX300AActive1,300W
Sony XplodPassive1,800W
Bassface BASS 10.1Passive1,100W
Alpine SWE 815Active300W
EDGE Audio V2Active750W
Caliber BC112SAActive600W

In order to fine tune the bass from your subwoofer, you may require a car amplifier. Many subwoofers come with a built-in amp and are known as active subwoofers whereas those without are known as passive subwoofers. Although active subwoofers are easier to install, some people may want to install their own external amp to best suit their specific needs.

Below is a list of the best car subwoofers that provide deep bass and are available with or without a built-in amp.

The Best Car Subwoofer

1. Pioneer TS-WX300A Powered Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX300A
The Pioneer TS-WX300A is a popular and highly rated car subwoofer that’s produced by the reputable Pioneer brand. It features a 30 cm woofer that’s integrated into a ported, bass reflex design enclosure and it delivers 1,300 watts.

As it’s a powered car subwoofer, it also features a built-in amp, which is a class-D amplifier that allows you to adjust the settings to get the type of bass that you require.

Other features of the Pioneer TS-WX300A include:

  • Deliver 1,300 watts
  • 350 watts of nominal power
  • 12 inch subwoofer
  • Sensitivity rated at 113 dB
  • Built-in class D amplifier
  • Supplied with all the cables
  • Bass reflex design closure
  • Fitting screws and wired bass remote in the box

If you are looking for a car subwoofer with a built-in amplifier that’s easy to install and provides deep bass, the Pioneer TS-WX300A is perfect. Compared to similar performing subwoofers, it also offers great value for the money too.
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2. Sony Xplod Passive Subwoofer

Sony Xplod
The Sony Xplod (also known as the XS-NW1202E model) is a premium car subwoofer that delivers an impressive peak power rating of 1,800 watts. As it’s a passive subwoofer, it doesn’t have a built-in amp but we would recommend a 1,600 – 2,000 watt external amplifier in order to get the best out of it. In terms of the subwoofer itself, it has a 12 inch polypropylene cone with dimples, which according to Sony provides added rigidity for low and accurate bass tones.

Other features of the Sony Xplod include:

  • Peak power rating of 1,800 watts
  • RMS of 420 watts
  • Enclosed shield subwoofer box
  • Stroke stabiliser rubber surround
  • Weighs 12 KG

Although expensive, the Sony Xplod is a high quality subwoofer that’s enclosed in a compact housing to suit most car installations. Rest assured, when connected to an appropriate amplifier, the Xplod will provide deep bass all-day long.
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3. Bassface BASS10.1 Car Subwoofer

Bassface BASS10
An alternative to the standard box design is a tube car subwoofer, which the Bassface BASS10.1 demonstrates in the above photo. The shape means that it can be installed easier in smaller cars but also remain powerful with heavy bass.

The BASS 10.1 is the brand’s new and improved model which includes a 10 inch cone and a double stitched high roll foam surround for improved cone control and excursion.

Other features of the Bassface BASS 10.1 include:

  • 10 inch subwoofer cone
  • 1,100 watts peak power
  • RMS of 550 watts
  • Rear firing port for extended bass
  • Double stitched high roll foam surround
  • Requires an amplifier

Overall, the Bassface BASS 10.1 is an affordable bass tube that provides excellent low bass which will cause any car to shake with bass. It also offers the best bang for your buck when you consider its performance and it won’t disappoint.
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4. Alpine SWE 815 Car Subwoofer

Alpine SWE
Alpine are a highly reputable brand in the car audio industry and the Alpine SWE 815 subwoofer follows that great reputation. It’s a powered subwoofer that’s ready to use out of the box and features a built-in 150 watt amplifier.

To enclose the subwoofer, it uses a high quality bass reflex box with a vented wedge shaped design that allows for maximum power output for extended periods.

Other features of the Alpine SWE 815 include:

  • Peak power rated at 300 watts
  • RMS power of 100 watts
  • Impedance of 4 ohm
  • 91 dB sensitivity
  • Built-in 150 watt amplifier
  • 8 inch subwoofer cone
  • Supplied with a remote
  • Heavy duty subwoofer grill

To conclude, the compact Alpine SWEE 815 is perfect for smaller cars or complimenting an existing OEM speaker setup. It’s an active subwoofer that’s easy to install and can be used straight away for hard hitting bass.
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5. Edge 10 inch V2 Active Car Subwoofer

Edge 10 inch V2
Edge Audio produce a wide range of car subwoofers but their 10 inch powered subwoofer is the best option. This is because it combines hard hitting bass with excellent value for the money.

In terms of the power delivery, its peak power is rated at 750 watts whereas the RMS power is rated at 250 watts.

Other features of the Edge Active Subwoofer include:

  • Enclosed 10 inch subwoofer
  • 3 inch tuned port for hard hitting bass
  • High density MDF construction
  • Secret channel that hides the amp wiring
  • Anodised extruded aluminium heat sink
  • Finished in high quality carpet

Overall, the Edge V2 car subwoofer is an excellent all-round option that ticks all the boxes and won’t disappoint. If you require further power, the brand also offer larger subwoofers or even a twin setup to best suit your requirements.
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6. Caliber BC112SA 12 Inch Car Subwoofer

Caliber BC112SA
One of the cheapest active car subwoofers that’s actually worth buying is the Caliber BC112SA. It’s an active car subwoofer that features a 12 inch cone which is able to produce a peak power output of 600 watts.

Other features of the Caliber BC112SA include:

  • 12 inch subwoofer cone
  • High quality enclosed design
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Robust speaker grills
  • Plug-in and play installation

If you require an affordable subwoofer that provides great bass, the Caliber BC112SA won’t disappoint. It isn’t going to win any bass competitions but it’s well-built and offers superior quality when compared to similar priced alternatives.
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How We Rated The Car Subwoofers

As we’ve owned a number of car subwoofers over the years, we have plenty of experience to pick out the best from the hundreds available. Whether you require a subwoofer that’s compact or one that’s designed for hard hitting bass, we used our experience, research and multiple factors to rate the recommendations above.

Some of the factors that we considered included their RMS and peak power ratings, type, size, construction, design, warranty and value for money.

best subwoofer for car


Car subwoofers are a great addition to any vehicle and they are available in a wide range of shapes or sizes. Ideally, the size of your car should reflect the size and power output of the subwoofer you decide to buy. If you drive a small saloon or hatchback, the compact subwoofers are more than ideal and will easily provide door shaking bass.

All of our recommendations are available in a wide range of subwoofer types and are suitable for all budgets. It’s important to note that not all of the subwoofers will come with wiring and you may need to purchase it separately.

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