The Best Dog Car Harness 2023

One of the best ways to keep your dog safely secured to the seat whilst driving is to use a safety dog car harness. They are designed to withstand the forces from any sudden movements and remain comfortable with additional padding.

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Best Dog Car Harness
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If you are in a rush, the best dog car harness is the EzyDog Drive, which is a safety tested harness that’s been tested in Europe, USA and Australia. It’s constructed of the highest quality materials and includes additional padding for extra comfort. If you are on a tight budget, the RAC alternative offers the best value for the money.

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Dog Car Harness Comparison

Dog Car Harness Crash Tested Size(s)
EzyDog Drive Yes 3
Sleepypod ClickIt Yes 4
Kurgo Harness Yes 6
RAC Car Harness No 4
SlowTon Adjustable No 6
Bergan Complete No 4

Although it’s legal to take your dog out in the car, the Highway Code states that you must restrain them to avoid distraction. The harness is one of the best and safest methods of restraint and is ideal for dogs of all sizes.

Below is a list of the best dog car harnesses that are easy to fit and are able to withstand any sudden movements.

The Best Dog Car Harness

1. EzyDog Drive Safety Tested Dog Harness

EzyDog Drive
The EzyDog Drive is a premium dog car harness that’s safety tested and constructed using the highest quality materials. It does come with an expensive price tag but it’s designed to last many years and it won’t disappoint.

Unlike many of the cheaper options that are notoriously difficult to take on or off, this dog car harness is the complete opposite. It uses a patented Mag-Lock Instant Fit design, which takes seconds to fit on your dog.

Other features of the EzyDog Drive include:

  • Safety tested and conforms to the European ECE Regulation 21
  • Extra chest padding that contours to mold the shape of your dog
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Aluminium alloy Tri-Glides
  • Easy on/off design

Although expensive, the EzyDog Drive is a high quality safety tested dog car harness that’s easy to use and provides maximum comfort for your dog. For complete peace of mind, the harness has also been tested in the USA and Australia (as well as Europe), which is a testament to the safety of the harness.
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2. Sleepypod ClickIt Dog Safety Harness

Sleepypod ClickIt
Another premium safety dog car harness that’s been crash tested is the Sleepypod ClickIt. It’s available in the choice of red, orange, black or egg blue and 4 different sizes to best suit the requirements of your dog.

For complete peace of mind, the Center For Pet Safety has tested this dog car harness and it passed with flying colours.

Other features of the Sleepypod ClickIt include:

  • Available in four different sizes and four styles
  • Crashed tested harness
  • Cushioned, energy absorbing vest
  • High strength slide buckles
  • Automotive grade seatbelt webbing
  • Ballistic nylon exterior construction

The Sleepypod ClickIt is similarly priced to the EzyDog Drive and a great alternative for those wanting a different design or sizes. It’s a high quality, safe and comfortable dog car harness that’s built to last and won’t disappoint.
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3. Kurgo Car Harness for Dogs

Kurgo Harness
By far the most popular crashed tested dog car harness is by the well-known Kurgo brand. It’s available in a choice of three different styles and six sizes to best suit the requirements of your dog.

Unlike many of the alternatives, the brand offer an impressive lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Kurgo Dog Car Harness include:

  • Crash tested certified
  • Meets child car seat standards
  • Adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Extra padding upon chest area
  • Lifetime warranty against any defects
  • Six different sizes and three styles

The Kurgo Dog Car Harness offers the best value for the money when compared against any of the alternative crash tested harnesses. It’s also available in more sizes, which allows you to achieve a better fit for your dog.
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4. RAC Dog Car Harness

RAC Car Harness
Although the RAC are known for their roadside assistance, they also produce a range of products such as this dog car harness. It’s one of the cheapest harnesses on the market and is also backed by the reputable brand.

The only main downside of this harness is the fact that it’s only available in a single style but they do offer a choice of three sizes that are all adjustable for maximum comfort.

Other features of the RAC Dog Car Harness include:

  • Doubles up as a normal walking harness
  • Choice of three different sizes
  • Stitched RAC branding
  • Soft nylon pad for comfort
  • Fully adjustable in each size
  • Large surface area to spread the mass of the dog

If you want the best bang for your buck, the RAC safety harness for dogs is the best option. Unlike similar priced alternatives, it’s backed by the reputable RAC brand for complete peace of mind.
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5. SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set

SlowTon Adjustable
Another affordable car harness for dogs is by the SlowTon brand and they offer the widest selection of styles. It’s designed to be an easy on and off harness that can be used inside the car or as a regular harness that connects to a leash. In terms of the construction, it uses a combination of a soft canvas materials and a breathable mesh fabric.

Other features of the SlowTon Harness include:

  • Six different sizes available
  • Choice of plain or plaid coloured designs
  • Breathable mesh chest
  • Durable buckles and metal D ring
  • Easily adjustable to suit the dogs size
  • Supplied with an elastic safety seat belt

Although slightly more than the RAC alternative above, the SlowTon harness offers additional styles and sizes. Considering the low price tag, you cannot go wrong with this dog car harness and it won’t disappoint.
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6. Bergan Complete Dog Car Harness System

Bergan Complete
Another popular dog car harness that’s designed for maximum comfort is the Bergan system. It’s a durable but lightweight option that’s available in four different sizes and three styles.

Other features of the Bergan Auto Harness include:

  • Choice of four different sizes
  • Blue, mossy oak or black styles
  • Adjustable safety tethers
  • Two aluminium carabiners
  • Designed for comfort

The Began Dog Car Harness is a high quality yet affordable dog car harness that’s suitable for all sized dogs. Although it’s not crash tested, the brand state that it complies with the V9 DT Pet Safety durability test and it’s been tested to withstand forces generated from sudden stops.
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Although crash tested harnesses come with a premium price tag, you have complete peace of mind that they are safe to use. However, that’s not to say the alternatives aren’t safe to use but they have simply not been tested.

All of our recommendations include both crash tested and non-tested harness that are suitable for all budgets. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you thoroughly measure your dog beforehand.

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