The Best Fallout Remover 2023

A fallout remover is a specialist detailing product that’s designed to remove iron contamination that has bonded to the paintwork or wheels. Within this article, we list some of the best formulas that are safe and easy to use.

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Best Fallout Remover
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If you require a quick answer, the best fallout remover is the Gtechniq W6, which is a high cling formula that’s suitable for both the paintwork and wheels. After just 3 to 5 minutes of dwell time, the formula removes any contamination and can be simply rinsed clear. However, if you require a more affordable alternative, the Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood is the best option that’s recently been improved with a thicker formulation for improved cleaning.

In order to rate the iron fallout removers within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing, plenty of research and a number of factors. The factors that we considered included their effectiveness, dwell time, ease of application, compatible surfaces, colour transformation and value for money.

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Iron Fallout Remover Comparison

Fallout Remover Bottle(s) Dwell Time
Gtechniq W6 250, 500 & 5000 ml 3 – 5 Minutes
Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood 5000 ml 5 – 10 Minutes
Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay 500 ml 3 – 5 Minutes
Auto Finesse Iron Out 500, 1000 & 5000 ml 5 Minutes
Car Gods 54 500 ml 5 Minutes
Autobrite Purple Rain 500 ml 2 – 3 Minutes

Another great benefit of most fallout removers is the fact that they can double up as an effective alloy wheel cleaner. This is due to the fact that most of the dirt found on wheels is brake dust, which has a very high iron content.

Below is a list of the best fallout removers that easily and safely remove bonded iron contamination.

The Best Fallout Remover

1. Gtechniq W6 Iron & Fallout Remover

Gtechniq W6
The Gtechniq W6 is one of the brand’s most rated products and for good reason too. Not only does it offer outstanding value for the money but its also highly effective at removing stubborn iron contamination.

In terms of using the fallout remover, it’s advised that you use a pressure washer to clear any loose dirt and then apply it to the surface. The brand also recommend leaving it to dwell for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it clear.

Other features of the Gtechniq W6 Iron & Fallout Remover include:

  • 250, 500 or 5,000 ml bottles
  • Suitable for the paintwork and wheels
  • High cling formula
  • Effective corrosion inhibitor
  • Requires 3 to 5 minutes to get to work
  • Must be used within 12 months

Overall, the W6 formula by Gtechniq is the best fallout remover for the money and it’s also available in bulk buy options for extra bang for your buck. The high cling formula really does help to tackle all of the contamination and it’s also completely safe to use without affecting any previously applied coatings.
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2. Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood Extreme

Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood
Pro-Kleen are a brand that are well-known for their car snow foam but they also produce a variety of other products such as this fallout remover. It’s called “Dragon’s Blood” and this is due to the satisfying way the formula turns purple as it gets to work. According to the brand, the formula is safe to use upon most exterior surfaces such as the paintwork, wheels, glass, plastic, rubber and so much more.

Other features of the Pro-Kleen Dragon’s Blood Extreme include:

  • Large 5 litre container
  • pH neutral formula
  • Colour changing indicator
  • Thicker liquid for improved cleaning
  • Requires 5 to 10 minutes to get to work

Considering that you get 5 litres of the Dragon’s Blood formula, it’s by far the best value iron fallout remover on the market that actually works. However, it’s worth noting that you will need to purchase a spray bottle to effectively apply it to your vehicle.
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3. Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay

Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay
One of the cheapest iron fallout remover products on the market is the Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay. It’s the brand’s “quick and easy” solution to their clay bar kit that’s safe to use on all exterior surfaces to remove iron contamination.

Other features of the Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay include:

  • pH neutral formula
  • Colour transform technology
  • Easy to use on all exterior surfaces
  • Dwell time of 3 to 5 minutes
  • Made in the UK
  • 500 ml spray bottle

Overall, the Autoglym Magma Liquid Clay is a high quality yet affordable iron fallout remover that works very well. Within just a few minutes, you will see the colour of the solution change as it breaks down the iron contaminates. Due to the affordability, we would recommend buying two bottles so that you can generously apply the formula.
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4. Auto Finesse Iron Out Remover

Auto Finesse Iron Out
The Auto Finesse Iron Out is another popular fallout remover that’s effective on both the paintwork and wheels. It’s designed and developed by professional detailers and it’s completely safe to use with a pH neutral formula.

Other features of the Auto Finesse Iron Out include:

  • Advanced pH neutral formula
  • Safe upon the paintwork and wheels
  • Requires 5 minutes to get to work
  • High quality spray bottle
  • 500, 1000 or 5000 ml bottle

Overall, the Auto Finesse Iron Out is a great fallout remover that’s safe, effective and affordable. The bulk buy options are also another great benefit as you can re-fill the spray bottle for even better value for the money.
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5. Car Gods 54 Fall Out Eliminator

Car Gods 54
The Car Gods 54 Fall Out Eliminator is a pH balanced and silicone free formula that’s suitable for use upon paint, metal, glass, plastic and other trim. The brand state that you simply need to apply a generous amount to the surface, allow 5 minutes for the formula to turn completely purple and then rinse clear.

Other features of the Car Gods 54 Fall Out Eliminator include:

  • 500 ml spray bottle
  • Mango fragrance
  • Suitable for most exterior surfaces
  • Turns purple within 5 minutes
  • Easy to apply

Considering the low price tag and the fact that the formula can be used upon most exterior surfaces, it’s an excellent all-round option. The only minor drawback is the fact there is no bulk buy options or larger bottles as you may go through the bottle fairly quickly.
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6. Autobrite Purple Rain Iron Fallout Remover

Autobrite Purple Rain
The Autobrite Purple Rain is the brand’s new and improved formula that dissolves contaminants upon contact. According to Autobrite, it has been designed specifically for wheels and the paintwork but it’s also safe to use on other exterior surfaces where iron contaminants are difficult to remove.

Other features of the Autobrite Purple Rain include:

  • Improved formulation
  • Thicker liquid and less run off
  • Effective at cleaning wheels
  • Made in the UK
  • 500 ml spray bottle

Overall, the Purple Rain formula by Autobrite is a relatively affordable and effective fallout remover that won’t disappoint. It’s the third generation of the product and by far the best yet by the brand.
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How We Rated The Fallout Removers

As well as testing a range of products from the big detailing brands in the UK, we also based our recommendations upon plenty of research and a number of factors. The factors that we considered included their effectiveness, dwell time, ease of application, compatible surfaces, colour transformation and value for money.


Fallout removers are a specialist product that most large detailing brands offer to tackle stubborn iron particles. All of our recommendations above are highly effective and completely safe to use on the paintwork and wheels. Although most are very simple to use, for the best results, ensure you give the formula enough time to get to work.

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