The Best Head Gasket Sealer 2023

Blown head gaskets can completely write off a car and be very expensive to fix as well as labour intensive. However, if you require a quick, easy and cheap solution, you can use a head gasket sealer that pours straight into the cooling system.

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Best Head Gasket Sealer
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The best head gasket sealer is the K-Seal Pour & Go, which mixes with all types of antifreeze and is assured for the lifetime of the engine. It can also be used for fixing a range of other leaks in water-cooled engines.

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Head Gasket Sealer Comparison

Head Gasket Sealer Capacity
K-Seal Pour & Go 236 ml
Holts SEALit 250 ml
Steel Seal Sealer 500 ml
Eco-Motive Gaskit 500 ml
Hi-Gear Insta-Seal 236 ml
Industry Chem Liquid Glass 500 or 1,000 ml

Head gasket sealers are a fraction of the cost of replacing the gasket and is a complete DIY solution. Rather than taking your car to a scrap yard, the cheap fix may be all that’s needed to drive thousands of miles more without issues.

Below is a list of the best head gasket sealers that permanently seals gasket leaks and are easy to use.

The Best Head Gasket Sealer

1. K-Seal Pour & Go Head Gasket Sealer

K-Seal Pour & Go
By far the most popular head gasket sealer in the UK is the K-Seal, which is a multi-purpose one step sealer. It’s designed to permanently seal holes or cracks and can mix with all types of antifreeze.

As it’s a multi-purpose solution, it can also be used for sealing block/heads and radiators, which is another great bonus.

Other features of the K-Seal Pour & Go include:

  • No draining or flushing required
  • Mixes with all types of antifreeze
  • Seals head gaskets, blocks and radiators
  • 236 ml easy pour bottle
  • Scientifically tested and used by professionals

The K-Seal Pour & Go is a high quality head gasket sealer that permanently seals holes and cracks. According to the brand it’s scientifically tested and is assured for the lifetime of the engine.
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2. Holts SEALit Coolant Leak Repair

Holts SEALit
Holts are a highly reputable UK brand that produce a wide range of automotive products. This coolant leak repair known as the SEALit is a professional grade solution for sealing head gaskets.

Compared to the brand’s similar Radweld leak repair, this solution is far stronger and more suited to engine leaks.

Other features of the Holts SEALit include:

  • Professional and permanent repair
  • Added corrosion protection
  • One step application that takes minutes
  • No clogging or damaging effects
  • 250 ml bottle

Although it isn’t as popular as the K-Seal alternative, the Holts SEALit is a highly rated head gasket sealer and offers extra bang for your buck. It’s a cheap fix that’s well worth a try and is highly effective for all sized leaks.
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3. Steel Seal Blown Head Gasket Sealer

Steel Seal Sealer
The Steel Seal is another popular head gasket sealer that’s designed to fix all types of head gasket failure. It can also be used to fix cracked blocks, dropped liners and even warped cylinder heads.

It’s the brand’s new and improved formula that’s compatible with all types of antifreeze and any water cooling system, which it’s predecessor wasn’t able to do.

Other features of the Steel Seal Sealer include:

  • Suitable for all cars, bikes, tractors or boats
  • Compatible with all antifreeze types
  • Fixes all types of head gaskets failures
  • Award winning and German made
  • 500 ml bottle

It’s a highly effective head gasket sealer that’s designed to fix any blown head gasket and much more. However, the main issue with the Steel Seal Sealer is that it does come with a premium price tag when compared to the alternatives.
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4. Eco-Motive Gaskit Head Gasket Repair

Eco-Motive Gaskit
The Eco-Motive Gaskit is a premium head gasket sealer that completely seals and repairs gasket or coolant leaks. This can include repairs for cracked, warped or blown head gaskets, cylinder and coolant leaks, leaking radiators and much more. It’s a one-step quick and simple fix that’s suitable for all types of antifreeze.

A unique feature of this head gasket sealer is the fact that it contains a UV ink, which gives you the ability to identify repairs using a UV light.

Other features of the Eco-Motive Gaskit include:

  • Provides anti-rust protection
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Creates a micro-fibre seal that withstands extreme temperatures
  • Quick and easy fix for multiple leaks
  • Suitable for all antifreeze type and water cooling systems
  • 500 ml bottle

Overall, it’s a high quality and professional grade head gasket sealer that’s a permanent fix for a range of engine or radiator leaks. It also has the added bonus of the inclusion of a UV ink, which allows you to see evidence of the repair.
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5. Hi-Gear Insta-Seal Head Gasket Fix

Hi-Gear Insta-Seal
The Hi-Gear is another premium option that’s designed to permanently seal blown head gaskets. According to the brand, once the “weld” is created, it should last the life of the engine.

In terms of the versatility of this head gasket sealer, it can also be used for cracked cylinder heads, heater matrix, core plugs and even leaking radiators.

Other features of the Hi-Gear Insta-Seal include:

  • Permanent fix
  • Suitable for block and radiator leaks
  • Lasts the life of the engine
  • Safe for all cooling systems
  • 236 ml bottle

The Hi-Gear Insta-Seal is an excellent all-round head gasket sealer that promises a permanent fix. It does come with a premium price tag but when you compare it to a replacement head gasket and labour, its a worthwhile investment.
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6. Industry Chem Liquid Glass Head Gasket Sealer

Industry Chem Liquid Glass
One of the cheapest head gasket sealers that’s actually worth buying is the Industry Chem Liquid Glass. It’s a high quality yet affordable solution that is a mixture of silicic acid and sodium salt.

Other features of the Industry Chem Liquid Glass include:

  • Hardens to form a clear weld
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Made in the UK
  • 500 ml or 1 litre bottle

If you are on a tight budget and require a cheap head gasket sealer, the Industry Chem Liquid Glass is a great option. It’s made in the UK and has a great reputation among enthusiasts and professionals.
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Head gasket sealers are a secret weapon for many professionals and could potentially save your car heading to the scrap yard. They are a temporary fix that seals any leaks and many brands state that they will last the lifetime of the engine. All of our recommendations are suited for a range of budgets and suitable for most antifreeze types and cooling systems.

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