The Best Heads Up Display 2023

Car heads up displays (often referred to as a HUD) are a common optional extra in modern cars but you can install them yourself using an aftermarket alternative. Within this article, we list some of the best that use GPS technology or an OBD2 connection.

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Best Heads Up Display
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If you require a quick answer, the best heads up display for cars is the LTC Original, which is a GPS based HUD that’s basic in design but provides a clear speed output in either MPH or KPH. However, if you have a car with an OBD2 port, the Kairiyard 4 is a great alternative that’s packed full of functionality and outputs a variety of live data.

To rate the heads up displays within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using multiple devices, plenty of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we considered included its type, ease of installation, usability, readability of the display, functionality, data outputs, warranty and value for money.

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Car Heads Up Display Comparison

Car HUD Type
LTC Original GPS Only
Kairiyard 4 OBD & GPS
Autopmall M11 OBD & GPS

Below is a list of the best heads up displays that are universal and connect via the OBD port or use GPS technology.

The Best HUD For Cars

1. LTC Original Heads Up Display

LTC Original
By far one of the most popular car heads up display devices in the UK is the LTC Original. It’s relatively basic in terms of its functionality and design but it’s easy to setup and is suitable for all vehicles regardless of their age.

Other features of the LTC Original HUD include:

  • GPS speedometer
  • Plug and play setup
  • MPH or KPH mode
  • Auto adjust brightness
  • Over-speed alarm setting
  • Powered via USB
  • Supplied with a non-slip mat

If you require a basic heads up display for your car that doesn’t require any wiring to the OBD2 port, the LTC Original is the best option. Compared to other devices in this article, it also offers great value for the money too.
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2. Kairiyard HUD OBD Display

Kairiyard HUD
If you are looking for the ultimate aftermarket HUD, the Kairiyard brand have the answer with their OBD2 connected device. It isn’t the cheapest but its functionality and data feedback is worth paying the extra for. As with some of the popular OBD2 scanners, this HUD offers similar functionality such as live data, error code checking and much more.

Other features of the Kairiyard OBD HUD include:

  • Reads data via GPS and the OBD system
  • Display live data such as fuel pressure, boost and more
  • Mountable to the windscreen or dashboard
  • Easily adjustable displays
  • Supplied with all installation hardware
  • Backed by a two year warranty

The Kairiyard OBD HUD is the ultimate car heads up display for those that want to view more than their current speed. It’s packed full of functionality such as reading live data to even having the ability to clear error codes. The only drawback is the price but it’s a worthwhile investment that certainly won’t disappoint.
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3. BNTTEAM Universal HUD

BNTTEAM Universal
The BNTTEAM brand offer a variety of car heads up displays but this particular model is by far their most popular. It’s a plug and play device that connects with your car’s OBD2 port for retrieving speed, RPM and other informative data.

Other features of the BNTTEAM Universal HUD include:

  • OBD and GPS model
  • Speedometer output in MPH or KPH
  • Automatically adjusts the brightness
  • Supplied with a non-slip map
  • Detailed instructions provided
  • CE and RoHS approved

Overall, the BNTTEAM Universal HUD is an excellent all-round option that’s easy to install, provides a clear output of your speed and is also relatively affordable when compared to similar devices.
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The YICOTA heads up display is another universal device that requires no OBD2 connection but instead connects via your car’s cigarette lighter. Through the use of GPS technology, it’s able to calculate your current speed, driving direction and various other statistics.

Other features of the YICOTA GPS HUD include:

  • Accurate speed in MPH or KPH
  • Automatic power on or off
  • Powered via the cigarette lighter socket
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Voltage data output

If you require a HUD that doesn’t require an OBD2 connection but provides more data than the LTC Original, the YICOTA option is perfect. The only drawback is that it’s expensive when compared to the alternative GPS models.

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5. FSVEYL M17 Heads Up Display

The FSVEYL M17 is a multi-functional HUD that connects to your car’s OBD port to provide 36 different data readouts along with the speedometer. It’s the brand’s new and improved version of their heads up display and it features a dual mode, which allows it to make use of both OBD and GPS technology.

Other features of the FSVEYL M17 include:

  • Dual modes (GPS & OBD)
  • Ultra clear display
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • High clarity projector
  • Comes as a complete kit

Overall, the FSVEYL heads up display is a well-made and affordable option that won’t disappoint. The addition of the dual modes means that it’s a completely universal device too.

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    6. Autopmall Car Heads Up Display

    Autopmall Car Heads Up Display
    One of the cheapest car heads up displays that’s actually worth buying is by the Autopmall brand. It’s an OBD and GPS HUD that’s capable of calculating the speed you are traveling as well as outputting data from the car’s ECU.

    Other features of the Autopmall HUD include:

    • OBD and GPS dual system
    • Easy to setup and use
    • Clear projection upon the windscreen
    • Two way USB interface
    • Displays speed in MPH or KPH

    Overall, the Autopmall HUD is a great choice to consider for those on a tight budget but want a heads up display that outputs more than just the speed.

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    How We Rated

    If you’ve done a quick search on the internet before reading this article, you’ll find that there are hundreds of heads up displays to choose from. However, to rate the devices above, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using multiple, hours of research and a number of factors. Some of the factors that we took into consideration included its type, ease of installation, usability, readability of the display, functionality, data outputs, warranty and value for money.


    Although many modern cars may feature a heads up display as an optional extra from the factory, the majority of cars don’t. However, with an aftermarket heads up display like the above devices, you can install it yourself and at a fraction of the price too. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend that you check that your car has a compatible OBD2 port before choosing an OBD type of heads up display. If it doesn’t, the GPS alternatives are a great option to consider if you only want a digital speedometer readout.

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