The Best Remote Control Car 2023

Remote control cars (also known as a RC car) are the ideal gift for both adults or kids and provide endless fun. Whether you want a drift, off road, self build or budget remote control car, we have a great selection in this article.

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Best Remote Control Car
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The best remote control car is highly dependent upon the type of driving you wish to do. For example, there are RC cars for kids, drifting, driving upon all terrains and even self build kits. Some of the best for each type of driving include:

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Remote Control Car Comparison

RC Car Speciality Max Range
CMJ Lamborghini Aventador Budget & Kids 25 Metres
Baztoy Stunt Budget & Kids 30 Metres
VATOS 4×4 Off Road 50 Metres
Dengofng Rock Crawler Off Road 30 Metres
LEGO Technic Self Build Kit 30 Metres
CrossRace DIY Self Build Kit 30 Metres
FTX Banzai S15 Drift 50 Metres
Goolsky K989 Drift 25 Metres

Remote control cars have improved massively over the years with more detailed designs, powerful motors and larger capacity batteries. Whether you are buying for your kids or yourself as an adult, there is a wide selection available.

Below is a list of the best remote control cars that are available as off road, drift, self build kits or budget friendly cars.

The Best Remote Control Car

1. CMJ Lamborghini Aventador RC Car

CMJ Lamborghini Aventador
The CMJ brand produce a variety of RC cars but this Lamborghini Aventador is their most popular. It’s a budget remote control car that features a detailed design and is a 1:24 scale replica of the real car. Unlike other budget remote control cars, this model has working suspension, flashing lights and can even be operated from up to 25 metres away.

Other features of the CMJ Lamborghini Aventador include:

  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Requires 5 x AA batteries
  • Operation up to 25 metres
  • Max speed rated of 10 mph
  • No assembly required

Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a present for kids, the CMJ Lamborghini Aventador is a great choice. It offers outstanding value for the money and is far better quality when compared to similar priced alternatives.
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2. Baztoy Remote Control Car For Kids

Baztoy Stunt
By far one of the most popular remote control cars on the market that’s primarily designed for kids is the Baztoy Stunt Car. Not only does it drive in forward and reverse but it’s also capable of driving vertically up walls. This functionality is made possible by the clever vacuum and lightweight body of the car.

Other features of the Baztoy Stunt RC Car include:

  • Constructed of shockproof materials
  • Able to withstand large drops from ceiling or high walls
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to use remote control
  • USB charging with indicator light

The Baztoy Stunt RC is by far the best remote control car for kids that provide endless fun with the ability to drive vertically. It’s also relatively easy to use via the controller, which adds to the fun.
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3. VATOS High Speed Off Road RC Car

If you prefer some off road remote control car action, the VATOS 4×4 is a great option. It’s solely designed for off roading and features a high quality construction that can withstand knocks and is even semi waterproof (IPX4 rated).

In order to help the car drive on all terrains, it features a high performance motor, high quality rubber tyres and even independent suspension spring shock absorbers.

Other features of the VATOS 4×4 Off Road RC Car include:

  • Max speed of 16 mph
  • Superior shockproof resistance
  • All metal seal ball bearing
  • Operational up to 50 metres
  • Semi waterproof (IPX4)
  • Easy to use with detailed instructions

The VATOS 4×4 is by far the best off road RC car for the money that’s more than capable of driving upon rocks, sand, mud and other off road terrains. It’s even semi-waterproof, which means you can even tackle wet environments.
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4. LEGO Technic Self Build RC Car Kit

LEGO Technic
Building your own remote control car using a self build RC car kit can be great fun. By far the most popular kit on the market is by LEGO and their Technic RC car, which when built can be controlled via a smartphone application.

Other features of the LEGO Technic Car include:

  • Smartphone application controlled
  • Suitable for kids aged 9 and over
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries
  • Contains 463 pieces
  • Relatively easy to build

Although expensive, the LEGO Technic RC car is one of the best self build kits on the market that’s ideal for anyone looking for a challenge. It’s suitable for kids and adults and takes only a few hours to fully build out of the box. Once setup, the smartphone app allows you to control the car and unlock special features.
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5. CrossRace Self Build RC Car For Kids

CrossRace DIY
One of the cheapest self build RC car kits that’s actually worth buying is by the CrossRace brand. It’s a 453 piece set that comes with a picture user manual and is suitable for kids over the age of 12 years old.

Other features of the CrossRace Self Build RC Car include:

  • Non-toxic durable ABS construction
  • Rechargeable battery via USB
  • Clear English user manual
  • 2 to 3 hours build time
  • Easy to use controller

The CrossRace Self Build RC Car ticks all the boxes in terms of value for money and the ability to build your own remote control car. Unlike cheaper alternatives, it contains far more pieces to build, which is all part of the fun.
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6. FTX Banzai S15 Spec RC Drift Car

FTX Banzai S15
For anyone that’s into their JDM cars or drifting, the S15 body is one that you will be very familiar with and this RC drift car is exactly that. It has an extravagant Japanese design and a powerful motor that combines with drift tyres to form the ultimate remote control drift car.

Other features of the FTX Banzai S15 include:

  • S15 drift body
  • Hard compound drift tyres
  • 4WD shaft driven design with a slipper system
  • Front and rear metal-geared differentials
  • Comes 99% complete from the box
  • Waterproof electronic speed control

Although expensive, the FTX Banzai S15 is the best RC drift car on the market that performs excellent sideways drifts. Due to its highly detailed design and price, it’s more suitable for adults to appreciate rather than kids.
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7. Goolsky Remote Control Drift Car

Goolsky K989
A more affordable RC drift car that’s just as capable of sideways drifting is the Goolsky remote control car. Although cheaper, it’s still a high performance RC car that’s able to reach speeds of 18 mph and last up to 30 minutes.

Other features of the Goolsky RC Drift Car include:

  • High capacity battery (7.4V 400 mAh)
  • Runtime of 30 minutes and charge time of 90 minutes
  • Flexible racing tyres for drifting
  • Highly detailed body design
  • Max speed of 18 mph

Overall, the Goolsky RC drift car is an excellent all-round option for drifting and easy enough for kids to use. It also features a powerful motor and high capacity battery, which offers far more enjoyment than similar priced alternatives.
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Remote control cars are great fun for all ages and are available as complete replica cars or those that have been adapted for a certain style of driving. All of our recommendations within this article are suitable for both kids and adults and include each of the main types of RC cars. Whether you want the car to easily slide around corners or climb steep inclines, there is a great selection above that won’t disappoint.

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