The Best Snow Chains 2023

Snow chains are the best way to improve your traction on snow or ice and allow you to safely drive on tricky stretches of road. Within this article, we list some of the best sets that come in a range of sizes to suit all car tyres.

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The best snow chains are the KONIG CB Series, which are available in 14 different sizes and are built to the highest of standards. If you require a universal set for emergency use, the SUPTEMPO Kit is the best alternative.

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Snow Chains Comparison

Snow Chains Tyre Widths Configurations
KONIG CB Series 145 to 265 mm 14
Sumex Husky Advance 135 to 265 mm 15
Michelin M1 Extreme Grip 165 to 215 mm 3
SUPTEMPO Universal 165 to 285 Universal
CROSOFMI Anti-Skid 165 to 285 Universal
KARWEHL 9 MM 150 to 265 mm 13

Below is a list of the best snow chains that are available in a range of size to suit all tyre sizes.

The Best Snow Chains

1. KONIG CB Series Snow Chains

By far the most popular snow chains on the market and one that’s recognized around the world is the KONIG CB Series. They are available in 14 different configurations to suit all vehicles and have been tested to the strict TUV standards.

Other features of the KONIG CB Series include:

  • Suitable for tyres from 145/80/12 to 265/30/20
  • Simple and sturdy tensioning chain
  • 12 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance
  • TUV certified
  • Set of two per pack
  • Made in Europe

The KONIG CB Series are the ultimate snow chains that come in a range of sizes to suit the majority of vehicles on UK roads. As long as you follow the instructions, installation is relatively easy and the chains themselves won’t disappoint.
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2. Sumex Husky Advance Snow Chains

Sumex Husky Advance
Another popular set of snow chains that are available in a wide selection of configurations are the Sumex Husky Advance chains. In terms of the sizing, the smallest available is 135/70/13 and the largest is 265/30/20.

Other features of the Sumex Husky Advance Chains include:

  • Made in Sweden
  • TUV certified
  • Choice of 15 configurations
  • Constructed of premium alloy steel
  • Easy to fit
  • 9 mm chain links

Overall, the Sumex Husky Advance are the best value snow chains on the market that are easy to fit and are built to a high standard. The variety of sizes also means its more than likely to have a size to best suit your requirements too.
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3. Michelin M1 Extreme Grip Chains

Michelin M1 Extreme Grip
Although the majority of Michelin products are their tyres, they do produce a number of accessories. The M1 Extreme Grip are their premium tyres chains that are available in a choice of 3 configurations to suit a large number of tyre sizes.

Other features of the Michelin M1 Extreme Grip Chains include:

  • Sizes from 165/80/13 to 215/40/16
  • High quality storage case
  • Asymmetric concept design
  • ABS and EPS compatible
  • TUV approved
  • Made in Europe

The Michelin M1 Extreme Grip are high quality snow chains that are manufactured by the reputable Michelin brand. The only drawback is the premium price tag but this is to be as expected considering its made by Michelin.
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4. SUPTEMPO Universal Snow Chains

SUPTEMPO Universal
One of the cheapest sets of snow chains that’s actually worth buying is the SUPTEMPO chains, which according to the brand are completely universal. They are a six piece kit that can be installed or removed in minutes and are ideal for standard tyre widths ranging from 165 to 285 mm.

Other features of the SUPTEMPO Universal Chains include:

  • Suitable for tyre widths from 165 to 285 mm
  • Thickened TPU material
  • Anti-slip steel nails
  • Heavy duty alloy buckle
  • Supplied with a case, wrench, scraper and gloves

Overall, if you are looking for high quality snow chains on a budget, the SUPTEMPO Set won’t disappoint. They are completely universal and ideal for storing in your car for emergency use when required.
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5. CROSOFMI Anti-Skid Snow Chains

Another set of universal snow chains that are suitable for tyre widths from 165 to 285 is the CROSOFMI Set. As with the SUPTEMPO set above, it comes as a complete kit that includes all that’s needed to fit the chains to your tyres.

Other features of the CROSOFMI Snow Chain Set include:

  • Complete universal design
  • Available in black or yellow
  • Constructed of premium TPU material
  • Compatible with 165 to 285 mm wide tyres
  • Supplied with gloves and a case

Overall, they tick all the boxes in terms of universal snow chains and are suitable for the majority of tyre sizes found on most cars. For the money, you really cannot go wrong and they won’t disappoint.
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6. KARWEHL 9 MM Snow Chain Set

Another cheap set of snow chains is by the KARWEHL brand and they are available in a choice of 13 configurations. In terms of the design, they feature square link chains and a “D” shaped section for maximum traction upon ice or snow.

Other features of the KARWEHL Snow Chain Set include:

  • Suitable for tyre widths from 150 to 265 mm
  • Flexible ring for quick and easy installation
  • Durable treated steel
  • Mechanical tensor system
  • TUV and O-Norm certified
  • Made in Europe

Overall, the KARWEHLF Set are a quality set of budget snow chains that are made in Europe and are both TUV and O-Norm certified for complete peace of mind.
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Unlike other countries in Europe, snow chains aren’t compulsory in the UK. However, as we are seeing increasing snowfalls, they can be a great investment. All of our recommendations are suitable for the majority of tyres sizes and can be installed in a matter of minutes when required. To avoid disappointment, you will want to choose a specific size that matches your tyre size or alternatively use a universal set.

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