The Best Tar Remover 2023

Using a dedicated tar remover for cars makes clearing stubborn deposits far easier and safer than aggressive scrubbing with a cloth or mitt. Within this article, we list the best formulas that take minutes to apply and are safe to use on most surfaces.

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Best Tar Remover
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If you require a quick answer, the best tar remover is the Autoglym Intensive, which dissolves stubborn tar deposits and wipes clear after a few minutes. It’s also suitable for use upon rubber surfaces, synthetic carpets and other upholstery inside the car. However, if you would prefer to spray the formula onto the surface, the Gtechniq W7 is the best option.

In terms of rating the tar removers within this article, we based our recommendations upon our experience of using various formulas as well as many factors. The factors that were considered included the surfaces it can be used upon, deposits it can remove, ease of use and value for money.

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Tar Remover Comparison

Tar Remover Bottle Size
Autoglym Intensive Capped 325 ml
Gtechniq W7 Spray 500 ml
CarPlan TAR375 Capped 375 ml
Car Gods 54 Capped 500 ml
ValetPRO Citrus Spray 500 ml
Auto Finesse ObliTARate Capped 500 ml

Although it’s possible to remove tar spots using a clay bar kit, a dedicated tar remover is much more easier to use. Simply spray it onto the tar deposits, allow at least 1 to 2 minutes for the solution to get to work and then wipe the formula clear. It’s really that simple and it saves the hassle of aggressively scrubbing the tar, which could cause damage.

Below is a list of the best tar remover for cars that are safe to use on most surfaces and effortlessly wipe clear without leaving behind any residue.

The Best Tar Remover

1. Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

Autoglym Intensive
By far the most popular tar remover that’s developed by a reputable UK brand is the Autoglym Intensive formula. It’s able to effortlessly dissolve tar but also other tough deposits such as oil and adhesive residues.

According to the brand, you can use their formula on paintwork, rubber, synthetic carpets and even the upholstery.

Other features of the Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover include:

  • Dissolve tar with ease
  • Wipes or washes away
  • Suitable for oil and adhesive residue
  • Takes 1 to 2 minutes to dissolve
  • Made in the UK

The Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover ticks all the boxes and is a very versatile formula that’s suitable for a range of surfaces. Considering its effectiveness, the 325 ml bottle also offers great value for the money too.
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2. Gtechniq W7 Tar and Glue Remover

Gtechniq W7
Another popular formula is the Gtechniq W7, which is suitable for removing tar and glue residue upon most surfaces. Even if your car has just been waxed or has a ceramic coating applied, it’s designed to safely remove the tar by breaking down the bond between the residue and surface.

Other features of the Gtechniq W7 include:

  • Large 500 ml spray bottle
  • Requires 1 to 2 minutes dwell time
  • Wipes clear with ease
  • Use within 12 months
  • Not suitable for PPF or wrapped cars

The Gtechniq W7 is a high quality tar remover that’s suitable for heavily soiled surfaces or spot cleaning. It also comes in a larger bottle when compared to the Autoglym alternative, which may be needed for tackling multiple cars.
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3. CarPlan TAR375 Tar Remover For Cars

CarPlan TAR375
The CarPlan Tar Remover is another highly rated formula that’s suitable for use upon most surfaces. According to the brand, you can apply it to the bodywork, wheels, plastic and even chrome without causing any damage.

Other features of the CarPlan TAR375 include:

  • Dissolves tar and oil
  • Application by soft cloth
  • Wipe clear with a new cloth
  • Leaves behind no residue
  • 375 ml bottle

Overall, the CarPlan TAR375 is an excellent all-round tar remover for cars that won’t disappoint. It dissolves tar and other deposits in a matter of seconds and easily wipes clear to leave behind a clean surface.
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4. Car Gods 54 Tar Dissolver

Car Gods 54
Car Gods is an up and coming detailing brand in the UK and their Tar Dissolver formula is one of their most rated products. It’s been designed with versatility in mind and can be applied with a cloth, sponge or even a detailing brush.

Other features of the Car Gods 54 Tar Dissolver include:

  • Formula contains polishing minerals and solvents
  • Easy to apply and suitable for use on most surfaces
  • Removes tar, adhesive, oil, glue and much more
  • Large 500 ml bottle

Overall, the Car Gods 54 formula is an easy to use tar remover for cars that comes in a large 500 ml bottle and easily clears even the most stubborn of deposits.
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5. ValetPRO Tar and Glue Remover

ValetPRO Citrus
One of the more expensive formulas on the market that’s recently been updated is the ValetPRO Tar and Glue Remover. It’s a high quality solution that’s boosted with natural citrus oil for tackling hard to remove deposits.

Other features of the ValetPRO Tar and Glue Remover include:

  • High quality 500 ml spray bottle
  • Suitable for hard or painted surfaces
  • Dissolves tar and wipes clear
  • Contains a bio-source solvent

The citrus boosted and recently improved ValetPRO formula is a high quality solution that won’t disappoint. Although more expensive than the alternatives, it’s very effective and easy to use.
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6. Auto Finesse ObliTARate

Auto Finesse ObliTARate
The Auto Finesse ObliTARate is one of the brand’s most popular products that’s also boosted with natural citrus oil. According to Auto Finesse, it’s able to remove tar, rubber and glue deposits and also work alongside other detailing products produced by the brand.

Other features of the Auto Finesse ObliTARate include:

  • Fast acting solvent based formula
  • Tested and approved by professional detailers
  • Removes tar, rubber and glue deposits
  • Large 500 ml bottle

The ObliTARate formula by Auto Finesse is a great all-round solution that’s produced by a reputable UK brand. For tackling tar, rubber or glue residue on the paintwork, the solution powers through it with ease.
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How We Rated The Tar Removers

As we are detailing enthusiasts, we have tried and tested a whole range of tar removers to remove stubborn deposits. However, along with plenty of testing, we have also based our recommendations upon a number of factors. The factors that were considered whilst rating the recommendations include the surfaces it can be used upon, deposits it can remove, ease of use and value for money.


Stubborn tar deposits from freshly tarmacked roads can be a real nightmare to remove. Even the best rated car shampoo formulas along with plenty of scrubbing may not be enough. Therefore, if you notice a buildup of tar, we strongly recommend purchasing one of the tar removers above. Each are designed for cars and effortlessly dissolve tar and wipe clear without leaving behind any residue.

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