The Best Trolley Jack 2022

The safest and most reliable way to lift your car off the ground is to use a high quality trolley jack. They are available with a variety of lifting capacities and ranges and below you can find some of our recommendations that are suitable for all cars.

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Best Trolley Jack
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After researching and using a number of jacks, the best trolley jack we would recommend is the Sealey 2001LEHV. It’s a low profile jack that provides a wide lifting range that starts from 74 mm and lifts all the way to 514 mm. However, if you don’t need a low profile trolley jack, the Sealey 1153CX is the best option that offers better value for the money.

In terms of how we choose the best trolley jacks in the list below, we based our recommendations upon build quality, capacity, lifting range, additional features and safety. We also have many years of experience using a range of jacks, which means we know what to look out for whilst researching the latest available in the UK.

Trolley Jack Comparison

Trolley JackCapacityLifting Range
Sealey 2001LEHV2 Tonne74 to 514 mm
Sealey 1153CX3 Tonne140 to 432 mm
Draper 314812 Tonne72 to 500 mm
Autojack Hydraulic3 Tonne140 to 432 mm
Liftmaster TT600K2.5 Tonne85 to 365 mm
Silverline 6339352 Tonne135 to 335 mm

Depending upon the vehicle you own will determine the most suitable trolley jack. For sports or lowered cars, the low profile trolley jack is highly advised as they won’t catch the sill of the car and are generally far easier to use. For standard vehicles, the heavy duty alternatives are more than ideal and often much cheaper too.

Below is a list of the best trolley jacks that are easy to use, robust and available in heavy duty or low profile designs.

The Best Trolley Jack

1. Sealey 2001LEHV Low Profile

Sealey 2001LEHV
Sealey are a highly reputable tools brand in the UK and produce a wide range of trolley jacks. This 2001LEHV model is a low profile trolley jack with a clearance height of just 74 mm, which makes it suitable for most sport or custom cars.

Included with this model is the desirable twin piston “Rocket Lift”, which brings the saddle to its max height in 6 strokes.

Other features of the Sealey 2001LEHV include:

  • Lifting range from 74 to 514 mm
  • 2 tonne lifting capacity
  • Twin piston Rocket Lift
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • Available in green, blue, orange or red
  • Overload valve for extra safety
  • Hydraulic oil bypass system for ram protection
  • Backed by a one year guarantee
  • Weighs 32 KG

Although more expensive than most of the alternatives, the Sealey 2001LEHV is an excellent all-round trolley jack that’s built to last, easy to use and suitable for most sports or lowered cars. It also includes the desirable quick lift feature, which makes lifting the car on the jack much faster.
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2. Sealey 1153CX Heavy-Duty

Sealey 1153CX
Another Sealey trolley jack is the 1153CX, which is a heavy duty 3 ton option that comes with a more affordable price.

Whether you are a mechanic, recovery driver or enthusiast, it’s a durable jack that won’t disappoint. The heavy duty design, long chassis and high capacity make it suitable for lifting a wide range of vehicles.

Other features of the Sealey 1153CX include:

  • Lifting range from 140 to 432 mm
  • 3 tonne capacity
  • Heavy duty one-piece hydraulic unit
  • Rubber grip pumping handle
  • Backed by a one year guarantee
  • Weighs 19 KG
  • Available in red or green

If you don’t require a low entry jack, the Sealey 1153CX is a more affordable option when compared to the 2001LEHV above. It can also handle far more weight, which may be a requirement for large cars or SUV’s.
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3. Draper 31481 Low Profile Trolley Jack

Draper 31481
If you are an enthusiast or work as a mechanic, the Draper 31481 is a professional grade option. It’s a low profile trolley jack with an entrance height of 72 mm and is designed specifically for vehicles with reduced clearance.

As with the Sealey 2001LEHV alternative, this trolley jack also has a powerful twin piston setup with a quick-lift feature, which is a highly desirable feature.

Other features of the Draper 31481 include:

  • Lifting range of 72 to 500 mm
  • 2 tonne capacity
  • Quick lifting via the twin pistons
  • Heavy duty 680 mm chassis
  • Net weight of 32 KG
  • Integrated rubber cushioned saddle pad
  • Safety valve to prevent overloading
  • Two piece handle with EVA foam bumpers
  • Manufactured to EN1494 specification

The Draper 31481 is the ultimate low profile trolley jack that’s built to the highest of standards and won’t disappoint. The main drawback is the premium price but it has been built to last and is a worthwhile investment.
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4. Autojack 3 Ton Trolley Jack

Autojack 3
One of the cheapest 3 tonne trolley jacks is by the Autojack brand and it’s perfect for those on a tight budget. It’s ideal for home or hobby use and has a lifting range from 140 to 432 mm, which is ideal for lifting most vehicles.

Other features of the Autojack Hydraulic Jack include:

  • 3 tonne capacity
  • 625 mm chassis length
  • Net weight of 19 KG
  • Swivel rear wheels for easy movement
  • Rubber comfort grip
  • Safety overload system
  • Backed by a one year warranty

The Autojack Trolley Jack is by far the best value 3 tonne option on the market and is backed by a one year warranty for peace of mind. Unlike similar priced models, it comes with a range of extra features such as a one-piece hydraulic unit, heavy duty pump bracket and much more.
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5. Liftmaster TT600K Low Profile

Liftmaster TT600K
If you require an affordable low profile trolley jack that’s actually worth buying, the Liftmaster TT600K is the best option. The lifting range begins at 85 mm and it lifts all the way to 365 mm, which isn’t the largest range but it’s able to hold more weight than many of the alternatives.

Other features of the Liftmaster TT600K include:

  • 2.5 tonne capacity
  • Lifting range of 85 to 365 mm
  • 565 mm chassis
  • Integrated handle for portability
  • Safety valve for overload protection
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Net weight of 13 KG

Overall, if you require a low profile trolley jack that’s capable of lifting up to 2.5 tonne, the Liftmaster TT600K ticks all the boxes. The affordability, high build quality and low entry of the jack are perfect for most people’s requirements.
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6. Silverline 633935 Hydraulic

Silverline 633935
The Silverline 633935 is the cheapest trolley jack that has a robust construction and is capable of reliably lifting most cars. It’s a 2 tonne option that has a lifting range from 135 to 335 mm and even offers the desirable quick-lift mechanism.

It’s also highly portable with a net weight of just 9 KG and an integrated carry handle in the middle of the jack.

Other features of the Silverline 633935 include:

  • 2 tonne capacity
  • Lifting range between 135 and 335 mm
  • 55 mm swivel saddle
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Weighs just 9 KG
  • Conforms to EN1494/A1:2008

Overall, it’s a cheap trolley jack that you can rely on to lift various vehicles and remain sturdy for many years to come. It cannot be beaten on price and for the money, it won’t disappoint when compared to similar priced models.
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How We Rated The Trolley Jacks

As we are car enthusiasts ourselves, we often use a trolley jack on a regular basis whilst performing maintenance or repair tasks. Over the years, we have owned multiple trolley jacks that are made by some of the best brands in the industry. If you would like to see them in action, we posted some photos of us testing out a low profile trolley jack on our Instagram below. We also wrote a guide on how to use a car jack that featured this particular trolley jack.

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As well as having experience using trolley jacks, we also researched and based our recommendations upon a number of factors. These include the lifting range and capacity, build quality, additional features and safety of the jack.


Investing into a high quality trolley jack will provide you with peace of mind that you are safe whilst working underneath your car. The majority range from 2 tonne to 3 tonne in capacity and most brands will also offer low profile options, which are designed for lowered, sports or custom vehicles.

To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend investing slightly more for a higher quality trolley jack. They are long lasting tools in general and if you buy the best, it should last at least 5 years at a minimum.

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