The Best Tyre Shine 2022

Tyre shine (also known as tyre dressing) adds the finishing touches to a detailed car with the choice of a long lasting high gloss or like-new satin finish. The dressing is available as a gel, spray or aerosol and takes minutes to apply to all four tyres.

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Best Tyre Shine
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If you want the quick answer, the best tyre shine is the Meguiar’s Endurance Gel, which is an advanced long lasting formula that provides a high gloss finish to the tyres that lasts for weeks. However, if you would prefer a more natural appearance to the tyres, the spray-on Autoglym Instant is the best alternative. Further down in this article you can see the results from us testing these tyre shine products in great detail.

For those that are new to detailing and haven’t heard of tyre dressing, we wrote an in-depth guide on how to use it on your tyres. Although simple to use, many people make mistakes that can limit the overall finish to the tyres.

Tyre Shine Comparison

Tyre ShineTypeBottle
Meguiar’s EnduranceGel473 ml
Autoglym InstantSpray500 ml
Gtechniq T2Gel250 ml
Simoniz Back to BlackAerosol500 ml
Autoglym High PerformanceGel500 ml
Adam’s Tire ArmorSpray227 ml

Depending upon the finish that you require, most formulas will allow you to apply multiple coats for additional shine. The extra layers will also result in longer lasting results but it’s crucial that you allow time for the formula to dry between coats.

Below is a list of the best tyre shines that are easy to apply and provide a long lasting protective shine to the tyres.

The Best Tyre Shine

1. Meguiar’s Endurance Tyre Gel

Meguiar’s Endurance
Meguiar’s offer a number of tyre shines that are available as a gel, aerosol or spray formula. However, the most rated is the Endurance Tire Gel, which provides long lasting results and can withstand car washes and rain.

Unlike the other formulas they provide, the gel eliminates overspray, run and drips, which allows you to achieve a consistent finish all the way around the tyre.

Other features of the Meguiar’s Endurance Gel include:

  • Gel formulation
  • High gloss finish
  • Withstands rain and car washes
  • Unbeatable long lasting protection
  • Protects against UV damage and browning
  • Consistent results each and every time
  • 473 ml bottle

It’s strongly advised to apply this tyre shine using the brand’s dedicated tyre dressing applicator pad. Although it’s an additional cost, it makes application far easier and more consistent without any sling.

The Meguiar’s Endurance Gel is by far the best tyre shine on the market that provide long lasting results. This is made possible by the advanced polymers, which also provide a high gloss finish.
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2. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

Autoglym Instant
The Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing is another popular option in the UK that comes in the form of a spray formulation. Unlike the Meguiar’s alternative, this tyre shine provides a more natural, like-new finish as opposed to high gloss.

In terms of the application, you only need to spray the dressing onto the tyres and then leave it to dry. If there is any overspray upon the bodywork or wheels, the excess can be wiped with ease using a microfiber cloth.

Other features of the Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing include:

  • Spray formula
  • Natural sheen finish
  • Polymer silicone protectants
  • Simple spray on application
  • Also available as a gel
  • Made in the UK
  • 500 ml bottle

Overall, the Autoglym tyre dressing provides instants results and is ideal for those that require a like-new finish. If you require a more glossier finish, you are able to layer this formula or purchase the brands gel alternative.
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3. Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing

Gtechniq T2
Gtechniq are well-known for their high quality detailing products and their T2 Tyre Dressing follows that great reputation. It’s designed to provide supreme durability against rain, washing or the tough road environments.

According to the brand, their tyre shine is a no-sling formula that won’t get slung into the paintwork of your car. This is a common issue of many formulas that produces sticky and hard to remove residue upon the bodywork of the car.

Other features of the Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing include:

  • Gel formula
  • Satin finish with a single coat
  • Gloss finish with multiple coats
  • Superior durability and easy to apply
  • Protects the tyre against drying, cracking or hardening
  • 250 ml bottle

The Gtechniq T2 Tyre Dressing provides a highly durable protective layer to your tyres as well as a finish of your choice. For those that prefer a natural satin finish, one coat of the dressing is more than enough. However, if you prefer additional gloss and extra protection, multiple layers is highly advised.
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4. Simoniz Back to Black Tyre Shine

Simoniz Back to Black
The Simonz Back to Black tyre shine is a highly rated option that guarantees to restore, protect and shine tyres. It leave a deep gloss shine on the tyres and takes seconds to apply using the new and improved formula.

As it’s an aerosol based tyre shine, the application is quick and easy. Simply spray it straight out of the can and onto the tyre sidewalls and then allow it to dry before driving the car.

Other features of the Simonz Back to Black include:

  • New and improved aerosol formula
  • Treats up to 30 tyres
  • Durable high gloss finish
  • Easy to apply
  • 500 ml bottle

Overall, the Simonz Back to Black is an affordable tyre shine that provides quick and easy results. As it’s an aerosol and designed to be sprayed straight onto the car, it may cause minor overspray for cars with ultra-low profile tyres.
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5. Autoglym High Performance Tyre Shine

Autoglym High Performance
Another tyre shine by the Autoglym brand is their High Performance Gel, which is designed for additional durability. It contains extra silicone polymers that contribute to the durability and prevent the formula from slinging.

For the best results using this tyre shine, it’s advised to pour a small amount of the gel onto the brand’s dedicated applicator pad. Depending upon the finish you require, you can apply multiple coats for a glossier finish.

Other features of the Autoglym High Performance Gel include:

  • Gel formula
  • Anti-fling and super durable
  • Application to wet or dry tyres
  • Satin or gloss finish (dependent upon the amount of coats)
  • Sweet and appealing scent
  • Grease-free formulation
  • Made in the UK
  • 500 ml bottle

The Autoglym High Performance Gel is an excellent all-round tyre shine that combines performance with value for the money. It’s durable, easy to apply and allows you to choose the finish you want by the number of coats you apply.
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6. Adam’s Tire Armor Dressing

Adam’s Tire Armor
Adam’s are another popular brand among enthusiasts with a great reputation across their product range. One of their latest additions to their catalog of detailing products is the Tire Armor, which is designed for maximum durability.

It’s able to achieve long lasting results by using the brand’s patented advanced customized optional acrylic technology, which provides the tyre shine with a semi-permanent acrylic layer.

Other features of the Adam’s Tire Armor include:

  • Spray formula
  • Semi permanent protective layer
  • Long lasting result that lasts weeks
  • Hydrophobic and non-browning
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Multiple coats for additional shine
  • Leaves no residue
  • 227 ml bottle

For those that require a long lasting tyre shine, the Adam’s Tire Armor is by far the best option. The main drawback of this tyre shine is the premium price, however the brand do provide a 110% satisfaction guarantee.
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Results From Testing

As we only recommend products that we’d use ourselves, we put the two most rated (Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel and Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing) to the test upon some neglected tyres.

Meguiar’s Endurance Before And After

Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel Application
Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel After

Autoglym Instant Before And After

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing Application
Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing After

Our Personal Thoughts

Personally, the Meguiar’s Endurance Gel was our favourite and it provided a great finish to the tyres that actually lasts. The Autoglym also provided a great finish but spraying it onto the tyres can be a pain because if there is any wind, it can force the spray onto the bodywork or wheels. We also posted our testing procedure on Instagram if you want to view the tests in more detail.


Tyre shine is one of the most popular detailing products that adds the finishing touches to a detailed car. After using an alloy wheel cleaner to remove dirt on the wheels, the tyres will also need attention and this is where a tyre shine become very useful. They are available as a spray, gel or aerosol and take just minutes to apply to all four wheels.

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