10 Gifts For Car Lovers 2023

Buying gifts for car lovers is notoriously difficult as the buyer often hasn’t got a clue what to buy. However, to help you buy gifts that the receiver will actually enjoy, below is a list of the best gift recommendations that won’t disappoint.

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Gifts For Car Lovers
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1. Dash Cam – Nextbase 522GW

Gift Dash Cam
Dash cams have seen a huge boost in popularity in the last few years and for good reason too. The footage captured can be used for insurance purposes and also provides peace of mind as you are able to easily look back at the footage.

Due to the huge spike in demand, there are hundreds of dash cams to choose from on the market. By far one of the best options is the Nextbase 522GW, which records in HD and has excellent connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Other features of the Nextbase 522GW include:

  • Automatically syncs via WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Records at 1440/30 FPS or 1080/60 FPS
  • GPS module for tracking
  • Built-in Alexa for voice commands
  • 3 inch touchscreen display
  • Polarising filter lens for clearer images
  • Compatible with additional cameras

The Nextbase 522GW is by far the best dash cam that combines performance with value for the money. Although there are cheaper alternatives, none will compete in terms of the functionality and video quality of this particular model.
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2. Car Cleaning Products – Autoglym The Collection

Car Cleaning Products – Autoglym The Collection
When it comes to cleaning cars, there are hundreds of products to choose from, which makes buying detailing gifts difficult and expensive. Therefore, opting for one of the best rated car cleaning kits that’s packed full of everything you need is often the best option as a gift.

The Autoglym Collection is by far the best and most popular on the market that comes packed within a durable branded bag. From car wash shampoo to polish, all the essential cleaning products are included within the bag.

Other features of the Autoglym Collection include:

  • Bodywork, wheels and interior cleaning products
  • Branded bag with dividers and pockets
  • High quality and refillable spray bottles
  • All of the brand’s most popular products

If the receiver spends hours detailing their car, the Autoglym Collection is the perfect gift. You can never have too many car cleaning products and the Autoglym brand produce the very best. The majority of their most rated products are included within this kit and is suitable for virtually any vehicle.
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3. Car Building Model – LEGO Technic Porsche 911

Car Building Model – LEGO Technic Porsche 911
Building your own car from scratch is excellent fun and the LEGO Technic range offer a wide variety of models. By far the most popular is the Porsche 911 model, which contains 1580 pieces within the kit.

Other features of the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 include:

  • 1,580 piece kit
  • Takes 2 to 3 hours to build
  • Measures 19 x 20 x 13 cm in size
  • Highly detailed model
  • Suitable for 10+ age group
  • Detailed build instructions

Although expensive, the LEGO Technic Porsche 911 is the ultimate self build model car that’s built to the highest of standards. It’s suitable for all ages and provides hours of entertainment whilst building it and a great model car to keep.
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4. Pressure Washer – Karcher K4 Full Control

Pressure Washer – Karcher K4 Full Control
Another gift for car lovers that’s aimed at those that enjoy cleaning their car is the Karcher K4 Full Control. It’s one of the best car pressure washers on the market and one of many that the Karcher brand produce.

Other features of the Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer include:

  • Flow rate of 420 l/h
  • LED display trigger
  • Long 6 metre hose length
  • 5 metre power cord length
  • Ergonomic and extendable carry handle
  • Compatible with a range of accessories
  • Backed by a three year warranty

The Karcher K4 Full Control is by far one of the most expensive gifts in this article, which means depending on your budget, it may not be ideal. However, if you can afford it, its well-made and compatible with other accessories such as patio cleaners, snow foam and much more. It’s also backed by a three year warranty for complete peace of mind.
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5. USB Car Charger – DIVI Mini Fast Charge

USB Car Charger – DIVI Mini Fast Charge
Whether you are using your phone for directions, music or simply have low battery power, an in-car USB charger can be a lifesaver. The DIVI Mini is one of the best on the market and is the brand’s 4th generation model with an ultra compact design and an all metal construction.

Other features of the DIVI Mini Charger include:

  • Available in black, red or silver
  • Suitable for 12/24V cars
  • Dual USB port design
  • Fast Charge functionality
  • Soft LED lighting
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty

The DIVI Mini is the perfect gift for those that spend hours driving in their car and need to keep their devices charged up. To truly perfect this gift, we recommend purchasing a matching charging cable for devices that the receiver uses.
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6. Car Phone Holder – YOSH Magnetic

Car Phone Holder – YOSH Magnetic
Using your phone behind the wheel is not only frowned upon but also illegal here in the UK. Therefore, investing into one of the latest car phone holders is highly recommended and the YOSH mount is perfect. It clips onto most air vents inside of your car and uses a magnet that sticks onto the back of your phone, which holds it via magnetic force.

Other features of the YOSH Magnetic Mount include:

  • Available in black or grey
  • Includes 4 x N50 magnets
  • Anti-scratch rubber construction
  • One hand operation
  • Only 4cm in size
  • Suitable for all smartphones

Although there are hundreds of phone holders on the market, the YOSH magnetic mount is the only truly universal option. There are no limitations in terms of the smartphones it can hold and it’s also relatively small in size. The only main drawback is the fact that you have to place a magnet on the back of your phone (or cover).
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7. Alexa Connectivity – Echo Auto

Alexa Connectivity – Echo Auto
The Amazon Alexa can be found in millions of homes across the UK but now you can get it inside of your car. If the receiver loves their Alexa, purchasing the all-new Echo Auto is one of the best car gifts you can get your hands on.

Other features of the Amazon Echo Auto include:

  • Outputs Alexa commands via AUX or Bluetooth
  • 8 microphones with far-field technology
  • Works with Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and much more
  • Mounts to most standard design air vents
  • Ability to add various “skills” via the Alexa app

The Echo Auto by Amazon is an excellent bit of kit that allows you to perform most of the Alexa skills from inside of your car. Whether it’s to turn on the lights in your house or change the Spotify playlist, it will do exactly that and much more.
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8. Car Key Finder – Tile Pro Bluetooth

Car Key Finder – Tile Pro Bluetooth
Losing your keys around the house is something we can all relate to but luckily there are plenty of key finders to make finding them much easier. The Tile Pro is by far the most popular and it uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect the fob with your smartphone, Alexa or other smart devices.

Other features of the Tile Pro Key Finder include:

  • Can be used to find your phone with a double tap
  • Easily replaceable CR2032 battery
  • New and improved with a louder ring
  • Max range of 400 feet
  • 4.2 x 4.2 x 6.5 cm in size
  • Available in black or white

Although it’s more expensive than other key finders, the new and improved Tile Pro is the ultimate example of a key finder. It’s stylish, compatible with most smart devices and is built to last with a water resistant construction.
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9. Build Your Own Engine – Haynes 4 Cylinder Kit

Build Your Own Engine – Haynes 4 Cylinder Kit
Something a little bit different from the standard gifts for car lovers is this Haynes Build Your Own Engine Kit. It’s a replica of a 4 cylinder petrol engine that once fully built will begin to work with the pistons moving, ignition sounds and even illuminating spark plugs.

Other features of the Haynes Build Your Own Engine Kit include:

  • Suitable for ages 10 and over
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries
  • Over 100 pieces
  • Detailed instructions
  • Takes 2-3 hours to build

The Haynes Build Your Own Engine Kit is an excellent gift for car lovers of all ages and is far better quality when compared to other kits on the market. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to build but once built, it’s a high quality model that can be kept on your shelf and shown to family or friends.
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10. Chocolate Car Gift – ButtonChocs Piston Power

Chocolate Car Gift – ButtonChocs Piston Power
If you are looking for a good “stocking filler” that doesn’t cost too much, the ButtonChocs Piston Power chocolate is a great option. It’s a molded Classic Volkswagen Beetle container that’s filled to the brim with tasty chocolate.

In terms of the chocolate itself, the brand state that it’s the finest Belgian milk chocolate that contains 33.6% Cocoa solids. It’s also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians to enjoy, which is another great bonus.

Overall, it’s a cheap car gift that’s ideal to go alongside more expensive gifts and it won’t disappoint. The container can also be reused as a money box and even painted.
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Whether you are buying a gift as a Birthday or Christmas present, any car lover will appreciate any of the recommendations in this article. Myself and everyone involved with this website are always buying each other gifts. As you can see in our Instagram post below, we are always researching and testing the latest gifts for car lovers to enjoy.

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