What Is Rufford Ford & Where Is It Located?

Rufford Ford is a location that’s become very popular over the last year and you may have seen many viral videos of drivers wrecking their cars as they cross it. Within this article, we discuss the Ford in detail as well as why it has become so popular all of a sudden.

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Rufford Ford
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The UK is home to over 2,000 Fords, which are shallow rivers (or streams) that can be driven through. The majority are small sections of the road that cross part of a river where the height is usually around 3 to 4 inches high. However, during the winter months, the water levels increase by a couple of inches, which can make them more difficult to cross.

Rufford Ford is one of the 2,000 Fords that you can drive through and as of recent, it has become a popular location to visit. Although the majority of locals understand how to safely cross it, there are many drivers that don’t understand how to wade through it and they often end up hydrolocking their car’s engine. On top of this, many tend to cross it at high speeds, which causes body parts (such as under trays and front bumpers) to get damaged.

Where Is Rufford Ford Located?

The exact location where you can drive through Rufford Ford is 9-2 Rufford Lane, Newark, NG22 9DG.

Why Has It Become So Popular?

The popularity of Rufford Ford has mainly exploded due to the viral videos that have been posted onto YouTube. Some of the YouTube channels that post weekly compilations of drivers entering the Ford include:

As you can see by the views that each YouTube channel receives per video, they are all very popular and we too are addicted to watching the compilations. From the locals driving their lifted 4×4’s at high speeds through the Ford to those that have unfortunately underestimated the depth of the river, it all makes for a great watch.

Some of our favourite YouTube videos that have come from Rufford Ford include the following:

1. Fail Compilation

2. Lorry Special (Big Splashes!)

3. Very High Water Levels

4. Lamborghini Crossing

5. High Speed/Full Sends

What Happens If You Get Stuck?

If you get stuck in the Rufford Ford (which many cars do), you’ll want to hope that someone is nearby to give you a helping hand. As you’ll see in many of the videos, there are lots of locals that drive around in lifted 4×4’s that often pull stranded cars out using tow ropes. However, after they or someone else has pulled your car out, you’ll more than likely be waiting a while for a recovery company to pick up your car if you can’t get it started again.

rufford ford location

How Do You Safely Cross A Ford?

As mentioned above, there are over 2,000 Fords in the UK and at some point, you may need to cross one in your car. Therefore, you may be wondering, how do you safely cross a ford?

If you are going to visit Rufford Ford, you’ll want to drive slow but at a steady pace because this will create a bow wave. The importance of the bow wave is that it stops the water flooding back into the engine. Whilst you are travelling through the Ford, you’ll also want to keep the car in a low gear and the revs relatively high.

With regards to what you should avoid, you never want to drive into the Ford at speed because this will cause damage to the car’s body panels and water will go straight into the engine. The only time you could drive into the Ford at some speed is if it was very shallow or you drive a lifted car with a snorkel air intake.

If you want to find out more, read our guide on crossing a ford or flooded road.


Rufford Ford is a great location to visit and as long as you check to see the Ford isn’t too deep and you take it easy whilst crossing, you shouldn’t have any problems. Due to its current popularity, if you do visit Rufford Ford, be wary that there may be people recording on the bridge next to it in the hope of a big splash as you cross it.

Hopefully our guide to Rufford Ford has answered all of the questions that you may have. However, if you need further information, feel free to get in touch and we will try to help out where possible.

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