Thinkware U1000 Review

The Thinkware U1000 is one of the brand’s most popular dash cams and this is mainly due to its revolutionary 4K camera. However, it’s not just the image quality that sets it apart from the rest because it’s also packed full of intuitive features.

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Thinkware U1000 Review
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Thinkware is a brand that produce a wide range of dash cams but their U1000 model in particular is by far their most popular model they have to offer. It has been designed to produce crisp and clear video footage that records at 4K 2160p UHD and it’s packed full of features that make it a dash cam you can depend on.

For drivers willing to invest into one of the best rated dash cams on the market, the Thinkware U1000 is a great option to consider. We tested it over the course of three months and we were very impressed with everything it had to offer.

Thinkware U1000

Our Review

We installed the Thinkware U1000 into our Mercedes GLS and we’ve been using it for the last couple of months in order to thoroughly test and asses it. Keep reading for our full product review and thoughts of the dash cam below.

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What Makes It Standout?

Considering the expensive price tag that comes with the Thinkware U1000, you would expect it to have some standout features and it certainly does. The main feature is of course the impressive 4K UHD 2160P video footage that allows you to view all the road conditions and surroundings in great detail.

However, other intuitive features that the Thinkware U1000 offers include:

  • Dedicated smartphone application
  • Built-in WiFi & GPS
  • Multiple recording modes
  • Choice of image quality settings
  • Speed camera detection
  • Road safety warning system
  • Energy saving capability whilst recording in parking mode
  • Superior night vision
  • Remote live view
  • Vehicle location that doubles up as a car tracker
  • Real time notifications to your smartphone
  • … and so much more


How Easy Is It To Install?

Installation of the Thinkware U1000 is no different to any other dash cam and you have the choice of installing it via the brand’s 12V adapter or hardwiring it to the car.

Depending upon your DIY skills, you may be able to hardwire it to your car yourself but if not, you may need to pay a professional to do it for you. However, if you were to install it via your car’s 12V port with the adapter, you could probably fit it in as little as 10 minutes. The only drawback of using the 12V port is that you’ll lose out on certain features such as the parking mode. This is because the dash cam wouldn’t be recording as there is no power going to the dash cam with the engine turned off.

thinkware u1000 uk

The Design

Compared to previous generations of the brand’s dash cams, the U1000 is certainly more aesthetically pleasing. As you can see from the photo above of our installation of the dash cam, it also has a vertical low profile design, which makes it easy to fit snuggly next to the rear view mirror or even hide it altogether.

U1000 Usability

A dash cam that’s easy to use is an essential factor for many people and we would state that the Thinkware U1000 passes the usability test.

As soon as you have setup the WiFi connection, it connects with your phone automatically and from your phone, you can then adjust settings, view recorded footage and so much more. There is even a live view of the dash cam (as shown in the picture) and this is a feature we really liked.

From the dedicated application, there is plenty of settings that you can adjust to best suit your requirements. You can also download footage straight to your phone relatively easily as well as receive real time notifications.

thinkware u1000 review uk


Below is footage we uploaded to our Instagram page that was recorded using the Thinkware U1000.

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(Note: Instagram compresses videos that are uploaded to their platform, which means that the quality isn’t as good when compared to what’s stored upon the SD card)

Thinkware U1000 Pros & Cons

  • Crystal clear image quality during the day and night from its 4K camera
  • Easily able to zoom in on footage without losing details
  • Superior speed camera detection functionality
  • Easy to install using the 12V power supply kit
  • Vertical low profile design that makes it easy to fit snuggly next to your rear view mirror (as shown in our installation)
  • Integrated UV lens that allows for clearer footage in direct sunlight
  • All footage is saved in a MP4 format (compatible with most systems if you need to export the footage)
  • Plenty of customisable settings to best suit your recording and footage quality requirements
  • One of the most expensive dash cams available in the UK
  • Repetitive voice commands upon bootup (i.e. "GPS connected") that we were unable to switch off without losing out on other functionality
  • Only compatible with Thinkware branded SD cards

YourCar's Verdict

Although expensive, the Thinkware U1000 offers unbeatable footage that’s crystal clear even when you zoom in for extra details. The dash cam also offers a host of intuitive features such as a hot spot connection, speed camera detection, autonomous recording modes, advanced parking modes and so much more.

When compared to previous dash cams offered by the brand, the U1000 model is certainly a huge improvement. The brand’s smartphone cloud application has also seen a vast amount of improvement over the years too and it now allows you to view live footage and receive real-time impact notifications.

To conclude, if you are willing to invest into a premium dash cam that offers superior image quality and plenty of intuitive functionality, the Thinkware U1000 certainly won’t disappoint.

Editor's Rating: 4.5/5

thinkware u1000 dash cam review

As with most dash cams, you can either hardwire the device or use the 12V adapter (sold separately) to install it. However, if you want to use all of the functionality (i.e. parking mode), you’ll want to hardwire the dash cam so that it captures any motion whilst the car is switched off.

The recommended SD card for the Thinkware U1000 is either a 32 or 64GB SD. However, it’s important to note that you can only use Thinkware branded SD cards in the dash cam.

The U1000 dash cam by Thinkware records in 4K (2160P UHD), which the brand states is twice the detail of a 1080P HD recording. There is also the option to record in a setting of your choice, which can include higher frame rates or image quality.

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