The Best Wiper Blades 2023

Replacing your wiper blades can instantly improve your vision of the road and reduce the irritating juddering of the blade upon the windscreen. Within this article, we list some of the best options that are long lasting and provide superior wiping performance.

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Best Wiper Blades
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Changing your wiper blades yourself is a relatively simple task but if its your first time, we created a handy guide to changing your blades whilst testing the below recommendations. It covers everything from the blade length, wiper arm connectors and a step by step guide to fitting the new wiper blades.

If you require a quick answer, the best wiper blades are the Bosch Aerotwin, which are the brand’s flagship set that are coated in graphite for longevity and smooth wiping. However, if you are on a tight budget, the Vipa Front and Rear Set are the best alternative that are much higher quality than similar priced wiper blades.

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Windscreen Wiper Comparison

Wiper Blades Budget Set
Bosch Aerotwin Premium Front Only
Valeo Silencio Premium Front Only
Vipa FFD Budget Front & Rear
Heyner Super Flat Mid-Range Front Only
HQ Automotive Set Budget Front & Rear
Alca Super Flat Mid-Range Front & Rear

Considering that wiper blades not only help you see the road ahead more clearly but are also part of your car’s MOT requirements, it’s important that you maintain them to a high standard.

Below is a list of the best wiper blades that are easy to install and suitable for all budgets.

The Best Wiper Blades

1. Bosch Aerotwin Windscreen Wiper Blades

Bosch Aerotwin
By far the most popular and highly rated set of windscreen wiper blades in the UK are the Bosch Aerotwin. They are the brand’s flagship wiper blades that are built to the highest of standards for long lasting smear-free wiping.

As with many other wiper blades that Bosch offer, the Aerotwin includes the brand’s patented quick-clip adapter, which makes installing them much easier.

Other features of the Bosch Aerotwin Blades include:

  • Vehicle specific design
  • Internal metal strip for consistent pressure
  • Double blade edge
  • Graphite coating for smoother wiping
  • Soft flexible spine for less noise

The Bosch Aerotwin are by far the best wiper blades on the market and although expensive, they are worth the investment. They are also built to last and should provide over a year of noise and smear-free wiping.
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2. Valeo Silencio Flat Wiper Blades

Valeo Silencio
Another set of premium wiper blades are the Valeo Silencio set, which the brand state are a direct OEM replacement. According to the brand, they are also vehicle specific and their selection covers up to 98% of all European vehicles.

Other features of the Valeo Silencio Set include:

  • New and improved flat blade technology
  • Easy to install to any vehicle
  • Supplied with detailed instructions
  • Synthetic rubber construction
  • Vehicle specific wipers

Overall, if you want to fit OEM quality wipers but without paying the premium dealership prices, the Valeo Silencio set are perfect. They aren’t the cheapest but they are high quality wipers that won’t disappoint.
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3. Vipa Windscreen Wiper Blades

Vipa FFD
If you want a complete set of wiper blades that includes the rear wiper, the Vipa brand offer a cost effective solution. They have wipers to suit the majority of vehicles on the road in the UK and they also offer great value for the money too.

Other features of the Vipa Front & Rear Set include:

  • Exact fit for the majority of vehicles
  • Durable steel construction
  • 100% natural rubber element
  • Ensures a quiet and smooth wiping action
  • Supplied with fitting instructions

The Vipa Wiper Blade Set is a high quality yet affordable option that ticks all the boxes. The fact that you also get a rear wiper blade also makes the set excellent value for the money too.
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4. Heyner Super Flat Wiper Blades

Heyner Super Flat
The Heyner brand are another popular manufacturer of wiper blades that are developed to meet the highest of standards. A great example of this is the fact that they test their wipers with 1,500,000 movements to ensure they are long lasting.

Other features of the Heyner Windscreen Wiper Blades include:

  • Made in Germany
  • Super flat design for a more stylish look
  • Manufactured with nano-graphite technology
  • Vehicle specific wipers
  • Supplied with fitting instructions

Overall, they are great replacement blades that are built and tested to the highest of standards. As long as you choose the correct vehicle specific set, they are also very easy to install yourself too.
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5. HQ Automotive Windscreen Wipers

HQ Automotive Set
One of the cheapest windscreen wiper blades that’s actually worth buying is by the HQ automotive brand. They are made in the UK and come as a complete set that includes the rear wiper blade.

Other features of the HQ Automotive Set include:

  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Pre-installed wiper connectors
  • Long service life
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Made in the UK

Considering that they are made in the UK and also one of the cheapest, you simply can’t go wrong with the HQ automotive wiper blades. They offer outstanding value for the money and won’t disappoint.
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6. Alca Windscreen Wiper Blades

Alca Super Flat
The Alca Wiper Blade Set is a mid-range option that comes with two front blades and a single rear blade. According to the brand, they have a selection of blades to fit 99% of all cars and they are also suitable for all weather conditions.

Other features of the Alca Super Flat Set include:

  • Made in Germany
  • Elegant and extra flat design
  • Front and rear set
  • Coated in nano graphite
  • Supplied with instructions

Overall, the German made Alca Wiper Blades are an excellent all-round option that’s suitable for the majority of cars. Although not as popular as the Bosch alternatives, they are built to a similar standard.
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How We Rated The Wiper Blades

As well as testing a number of wiper blades produced by popular brands in the UK, we also rated the recommendations based upon multiple factors. The factors that we considered included their build quality, ease of installation, intuitive design features, vehicle compatibility and value for money.


When searching for replacement wiper blades, it’s important that you choose a set that’s compatible with your car. Our recommendations within this article can be filtered by your car’s number plate, which ensures the blade length and wiper arm connector is compatible.

Although it may be tempting to install cheap wiper blades, you may find yourself replacing them more often. Wipers by the Bosch or Valeo brand are our top recommendations because they are direct OEM replacements. However, if you are on a tight budget, the cheaper alternatives recommended won’t disappoint.

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