How To Change Wiper Blades

When your wiper blades begin to judder or fail to clear your windscreen, its time to invest into a new set of wipers. Rather than getting someone else to change them, we show you how to change your wipers yourself in a matter of minutes.

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how to change wiper blades
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Changing your wiper blades is certainly a task that anyone can do themselves. Once you have a compatible set of wipers, you can replace them in rain or sun in less than 10 minutes and without requiring any tools.

Determining when your wipers need changing can be judged by their effectiveness, a visual check (worn or cracked rubber) and whether they glide across the windscreen without juddering. In order to make the windscreen wiper replacement go as smoothly as possible, we have a walkthrough guide below.

What Wiper Blades Do I Need?

As you can imagine, not all wiper blades are the same and you will want to buy the best wiper blades that are compatible with your particular model. Not only is the size crucial but the way it connects with the wiper arm may differ.

In terms of the attachment to the wiper arm, the majority of cars use a hook-type blade such as the below picture:

which wiper blades fit my car

These are often the easiest to attach because they simply slide on and off using a clever mechanism upon the wiper blade. An alternative style of wiper blade is the pin-type (in the picture below), which usually involves flipping the wiper blade upside down and then removing the blade from the pin,

which wiper blades

In terms of the sizing, you can buy blades that range anywhere from 12 to 28 inches in size. In order to find the size required, you can either get a tape measure out or use an online car-checker that will tell you the exact size you need.

When it comes to buying the wiper blades, you’ll be greeted with a vast amount that range anywhere from £10 to as high as £50 for the pair. Personally, we usually go for a mid-range option such as the below example but Bosch are the market leaders and offer a huge selection to satisfy all your requirements.

How To Change Your Windscreen Wipers

1. Remove The Old Wiper Blade

Depending upon the type of wiper blade your car has, you will want to begin by lifting the wiper arm away from the windscreen. Be sure to avoid any contact with the bonnet as certain vehicles won’t allow you to lift the wiper too far.

Once lifted up, either pull away the wiper blade (pin-type) or press the tab and pull the blade down. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t need to apply any force and if you are, you are probably doing something wrong.

2. Protect The Windscreen

If the wiper arm doesn’t stand by itself, you will want to place a bit of cardboard or cloth against the windscreen. This avoids any scratches appearing on the glass as the arm rests upon the windscreen during the replacement of the blades.

3. Compare The Old To The New

Before chucking the old blade in the bin, you will want to ensure the replacement is the exact same size and has the same attachment.

4. Install The Replacement Blade Upon The Wiper Arm

If its the pin-type of wiper blade, simply thread the blade through and spin the wiper arm down. For the hook-type, start parallel to the arm and then thread it into the slot and lock it in. You should hear some sort of click or feel the arm locking onto the new blade if the blade is correctly installed.

5. Test Out The New Blades

With some fresh windscreen washer fluid, spray the windscreen and test out the new blades. There shouldn’t be any juddering or odd noises that you haven’t heard before. If there is, double check that the wipers are secured.

how to fit wiper blades


Once replaced, you will instantly see how great new wiper blades are and how easy they are to actually replace. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend checking the attachment and size before buying any new wipers. It’s always best to avoid the budget blades as they will begin to judder and become less effective much earlier on.

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