The Complete Guide To Easy Start

If your car is struggling to start on its own, you can give it a helping hand by spraying Easy Start into the air intake for a couple of seconds. Whether your car is petrol or diesel powered, it can be used on all engines and below we show you exactly how to use it.

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what is easy start
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Whether your car struggles to start when it’s cold or all the time, Easy Start can be a quick solution to getting the engine fired up. As long as your car’s battery isn’t flat, it’ll always get your car started if it’s correctly sprayed into the air intake.

Once your car has started after using Easy Start, it should continue to run as long as there isn’t a fuel supply issue or no spark. Therefore, it’s always advised that you keep a spray can in your car as an emergency backup.

In terms of the recommended Easy Start solution to use, the Bradex formula by Holts is the most popular option by far and we’ve used it with great success on a number of occasions (as demonstrated in the below video).

How Does It Work?

Easy Start works by making the fuel and air mixture within the combustion chamber more combustible. This means that the fuel has an increased chance of igniting once the ignition key is turned to start the engine.

Another benefit of using Easy Start is that there is a small portion of engine oil within the formula, which helps to lubricate moving parts within the engine.

It’s also worth pointing out that Easy Start (regardless of the brand used) will work for all petrol and diesel cars as well as other internal combustion engines such as motorbikes, lawn mowers, tractors and so much more.

Easy Start

Where To Spray Easy Start?

In order for Easy Start to work, it’s crucial that you spray it directly into the air intake of your engine for a few seconds. As you can see in the photo, the air intake is located at the front of the car (under the bonnet) but the exact location may vary depending on your car. You shouldn’t need to spray the formula for long (2 to 3 seconds is more than enough) and the engine should fire up as long as the car’s battery is fully functioning.

how to use easy start

How To Use Easy Start

  1. Ensure the car’s battery has enough charge.
  2. Lift the bonnet and locate the car’s air intake.
  3. Aim the nozzle a few inches away from the intake and spray into it for a few seconds.
  4. Immediately start the engine (a second person to do this is very helpful).
  5. Press the accelerator slightly to prevent the engine from cutting out.
  6. Let the engine idle for a few minutes.

Easy Start is really simple to use and below is a video that we posted on our YouTube channel that shows us using the spray. The car it was used on was a 3-litre diesel that hasn’t moved for over 8 years and was struggling to start.

As you can see in the video, the battery was slightly flat and the engine didn’t fire up the first time. However, in the second video, we connected a car jump starter to the battery and the engine started straightaway after spraying Easy Start into the air intake.

Is It Bad For The Engine?

There is a common misconception that engines can get addicted to using easy start but this simply isn’t the case. The manufacturer themselves claim that there are no dangers in using easy start on a regular basis. If your car isn’t starting without Easy Start, this would suggest that there is a problem with your car’s fuelling or ignition (i.e. no spark). Therefore, rather than relying on Easy Start, it’s advised that you fix what’s actually causing the starting problem.

Is There An Alternative?

If you need to start your car but you don’t have any Easy Start available, you may be wondering if there is an alternative that you can use. Although not designed for the task of starting a car, you could try using a brake cleaner, carb cleaner and even hairspray. These products are very flammable, which makes it the ideal Easy Start alternative to use in order to make the air and fuel mixture more combustible. However, we strongly recommend that you use Easy Start itself because as the name of the formula suggests, it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Whether you own a classic car or one that simply struggles to start, Easy Start is the perfect solution to keep stored in your car. Although it’s recommended that you fix the cause of poor engine starts, Easy Start can be used as a temporary fix to keep you going until you get around to fixing it. If you need further information with regards to Easy Start, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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