How Much Is A Puncture Repair?

Whether you have a fast or slow puncture, your tyre can be repaired at a small cost as long as the damage is within the central three quarters of the tyre. However, to ensure you get a safe and reasonably priced puncture repair, below is everything you need to know.

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car tyre puncture repair cost
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A puncture to your car’s tyre often happens when you least expect it but luckily, it can be repaired at a small cost. Whether there is a nail in the tyre or any other sharp object, as long as the hole isn’t too large and the damage is within the central three quarters of the tyre, it can be safely repaired. However, if your car’s tyre isn’t in a great condition or it only has a small amount of tread left, it may be more cost effective to replace the tyre altogether.

If you haven’t visually spotted that your car has a puncture, you’ll be able to tell by the poor handling of the car. This is because it’ll often pull to one side and the car’s ride will also be much harder than normal.

After realising your car has a puncture, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. However, to ensure that you are getting a fair price for the repair, below we discuss the factors that go into the cost to repair a puncture.

How Much Does A Puncture Repair Cost?

As you can imagine, the cost to repair a puncture varies quite significantly across the UK. Therefore, we always recommend that you shop around to ensure you aren’t paying too much for a puncture repair.

From our experience of getting multiple punctures repaired and researching the latest prices from reputable garages in the UK, we found that the average cost of a puncture repair is between £20 to £45.

The differences in price vary because some garages offer a mobile service that’s great for when you are at work or the tyre is too dangerous to drive on. However, you do end up paying a premium price for the mobile service but for many people, the extra cost is certainly worth the money. Other additional services that garages include within the puncture repair cost include rebalancing the tyre, a new valve and even checking the health of other tyres on the car.

It’s worth pointing out that regardless of the tyre size, most garages have a flat fee for their puncture repair service. For example, below are the fixed prices of a puncture repair from reputable companies in the UK:

  • Kwik Fit – £25
  • National Tyres – £25
  • Tyres On The Drive ( Mobile Repair) – £45
  • Home Tyre (Mobile Repair) – £45
  • Halfords – £25
  • ATS Euromaster – £26
  • Pro Tyre – £20
how much is a puncture repair

What Causes A Puncture?

By far the main cause of punctures is a nail in the tyre but other potential causes of a puncture can include:

  • Sharp road debris (such as a broken bit of glass)
  • Tyre bead leakage
  • Pot hole or kerb damage to the tyre
  • Vandalism
  • General wear and tear

Is My Tyre Repairable?

Although most punctures can be repaired, there are certain types of damage to the tyre that can’t. For example, a puncture in the sidewall such as a nail (as shown in the below photo of our tyre on a Mercedes ML) can’t be repaired. Other punctures that can’t be repaired include damage that’s occurred within the outer quarter of the tread.

The zones to which a car tyre can be repaired must be in accordance with the BSAU 159 legislation.

Puncture Repair Cost

How Can I Get My Car Tyre Repaired?

As long as your tyre can be repaired, you have the option of visiting one of the many local garages or using a mobile service that comes to your home or workplace.

If you intend on driving to a garage to get the puncture repaired, we strongly recommend inflating your tyres with a machine or using a suitable car tyre sealant (water-based) so that you can safely drive to the garage.

However, if the damaged tyre loses its pressure too fast or you simply don’t have the time to get to a garage, a mobile service is highly recommended. Although the cost is slightly more, the convenience is worth paying the extra.


As mentioned above, the average cost of a puncture repair is between £20 to £45 and you shouldn’t need to pay more than this. However, if you car’s tyre has seen better days or has limited tread left before it needs a replacement, it may be more cost effective to replace the tyre altogether instead of having it repaired.

If you require further information regarding puncture repairs, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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