Autoglym Leather Cleaner Review

Autoglym’s Leather Cleaner is a formula that’s ideal for regularly cleaning all types of car leather and within this article, we share our verdict based upon our experience of using it.

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Autoglym Leather Cleaner Review
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The Leather Cleaner by Autoglym is one of the brand’s most popular products and it’s a pH neutral formula that’s designed to gently clean all types of car leather. Unlike many of the alternative car leather cleaners on the market, Autoglym’s solution doesn’t act as a conditioner or protector and it’s primarily designed to clean leather, which it does very well. It’s also a silicone-free formula, which means that it doesn’t leave an unnatural feel to your car’s leather.

As we own a number of cars that feature leather interior, Autoglym’s Leather Cleaner is a product that we’ve purchased multiple times and we highly recommend it.

Autoglym Leather Cleaner

Our Review

We purchased the Autoglym Leather Cleaner so that we could thoroughly test and assess it upon our own cars that featured leather interior. Keep reading for our full product review and thoughts of the cleaner below.

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What Makes It Different?

Unlike other leather cleaners, Autoglym’s formula is designed to leave a natural matt finish and it promises to not add shine. It’s also formulated without any silicones or unnecessary masking agents, which means the leather won’t be left with an unpleasant feel after the application. It’s also worth pointing out that the formula is only a cleaner and not a conditioner or protector, which makes it ideal for regular use upon your car’s leather interior.

How Do You Use It?

In order to achieve the best results whilst using the formula, you’ll need to use two clean microfibre cloths. This is because one of the cloths is used to apply the formula whilst the other is to be used for the removal.

To use Autoglym’s Leather Cleaner upon your car’s leather interior, follow the below steps:

  1. Use a car vacuum with a soft brush to remove as much dust and dirt as possible.
  2. Shake the bottle before you begin to use it.
  3. Spray the formula straight onto the leather or into a microfibre cloth and gently rub it in.
  4. Leave the formula to get to work for at least two minutes.
  5. Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe away any residue and remaining dirt.
  6. Allow the surface to dry before sitting in the car.

After the application, we would strongly recommend applying a leather protector (such as Autoglym’s Leather Care Balm) to further protect the interior.

how to use autoglym leather cleaner

Before & After Results

In order to give the Autoglym Leather Cleaner a thorough test for this review, we used it upon a number of leather interiors that all differed in terms of the dirt they had accumulated.

However, our “Daily Driver” in particular is where we gave it a thorough test because it’s a car that we rarely clean. This is because it’s mostly used for going to the recycling centre, picking up furniture/car parts and anything that’s messy. Therefore, the neglected leather interior was certainly a great way to test out the product.

As you can see in the photo, there was paint upon the seat where we had been decorating but the Autoglym Leather Cleaner powered through it with ease. After using the product upon the rest of the interior, it was significantly cleaner but this was quite difficult to take photos of due to the fact that black interior hides dirt really well.

autoglym leather kit
autoglym leather cleaner kit

Autoglym Leather Cleaner Pros & Cons

  • Easy to apply with a microfibre cloth
  • Leaves a matt finish (like it should be from the factory)
  • Suitable for all types of leather
  • Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance that's not overpowering
  • Relatively affordable when compared to the alternatives
  • May require multiple applications for very dirty leather
  • Cleans but doesn't condition or protect (unlike many of the alternatives)

YourCar's Verdict

To conclude our review, Autoglym’s Leather Cleaner is an excellent all-round option that really does tick all the boxes. When compared to many of the alternatives produced by reputable brands, it’s much cheaper and it also doesn’t effect the feel of the leather.

However, as the formula doesn’t condition or protect the car’s leather like many of the alternatives, you’ll want to purchase the brand’s “Care Balm” to work alongside the cleaner. With that being said, as it’s just a leather cleaner, it makes it the perfect solution for regularly cleaning your car’s leather interior.

Editor's Rating: 4.0/5

autoglym car leather cleaner

The brand themselves state that you shouldn’t use their cleaner on any household leather products. The reason why is because household leather can have many different types of finishes and this means that it may effect the leather’s colour or leave smear marks from where it was used.

After using the product upon a range of car interiors, each time we found that it left a neutral/fresh leather scent that lasted for approximately a week.

The Autoglym Leather Cleaner has only been tested upon automotive leather and on the bottle, it states that it shouldn’t be used upon unsealed leather, suede or any highly porous surfaces.

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