The Best Car Glass Cleaner 2023

The best way to keep your car windows clean and free of streaks is by using a quality car glass cleaner that cuts through dirt. Within this article, we list some of the best that can be used to clean all types of glass and leave a streak-free finish.

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Best Car Glass Cleaner
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If you require a quick answer, the best car glass cleaner is the Autoglym Fast Glass, which is quick and easy to use and leaves behind zero residue. It can even be used to remove polish, wax or sealant from rubber or plastic trims. However, if you are willing to spend slightly more, the Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass is a great alternative that’s also able to repel dust.

To rate the car glass cleaners within this article, we based our recommendations upon testing, research and multiple factors. The factors we considered included the ease of application, finish, effectiveness on all types of dirt and value.

Best Car Glass Cleaner Overview

Traffic film, bug splatter and other types of dirt upon your car’s windows can significantly reduce your visibility of the road as well as make your car look dirty. However, by investing into a quality glass cleaner that cuts through tough dirt, you can keep the windows clean with a streak-free finish in a matter of seconds.

Below is a list of the best car glass cleaners that can be used upon all types of glass and leave a streak-free finish.

The Best Glass Cleaners For Cars

1. Best Overall: Autoglym Fast Glass Car Window Cleaner

By fast the most popular car window cleaner in the UK is the Fast Glass formula by Autoglym. It’s a quick and easy to use cleaner that can be used upon all types of glass, mirror, perspex, acrylic and even plastic windows.

A unique feature of this cleaner is the fact that it can be used to remove polish or wax from rubber and plastic trims.

  • Free of any abrasives, waxes and silicones
  • Leaves behind zero residue
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Removes road grime, insect splatter, tree sap and so much more
  • Refillable 500 ml spray bottle
  • May require multiple application for stubborn dirt

Overall, the Autoglym Fast Glass is an excellent all-round car glass cleaner that ticks all the boxes. It’s affordable, easy to use and provides great results on all types of glass as well as a wide range of other surfaces.

2. Best For Tough Dirt: Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Car Glass Cleaner

Another popular car glass cleaner is the Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity, which is an anti-hazing formula that provides long-lasting glass clarity. According to the brand, it’s highly effective against all types of dirt such as bugs, tree sap, vinyl fog, road grime, smokers film, bird droppings and so much more.

  • Professional grade formula
  • Streak-free finish to all types of glass
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Removes all types of dirt
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other glass cleaners

To conclude, the Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity is a high quality car glass cleaner that’s a simple spray on and wipe off formula. Although it comes with a premium price tag, it’s a professional strength cleaner that powers through tough dirt and provides streak-free clarity each and every time.

3. Best Value: HG Car Windscreen Cleaner

One of the cheapest glass cleaners for cars that’s actually worth buying is the HG Car Windscreen Cleaner. It’s a fully biodegradable formula that provides quick, easy and no-streak cleaning to glass or plastic windows.

  • Biodegradable formula
  • Suitable for cars, caravans or boats
  • Removes dust and nicotine stains
  • Ideal for interior and exterior use
  • Not as powerful when compared to other car glass cleaners

The HG brand are well-known for their domestic cleaners and their latest car cleaning range follows their great reputation. It’s a high quality car window cleaner at a budget price and it won’t disappoint.

4. Best Water Repellent: Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner Repellent

The Rain-X brand have a great reputation for their glass cleaning products and their latest 2-in-1 formula is one of the best. Not only is it a highly effective cleaner but it’s also designed to repel water and prevent ice, snow, road dirt or insects sticking the the glass.

It’s the brand’s new and improved formula that has a number of extra additives added to the original formula. The additions to the formula are designed to extend it’s durability and create a super repellent coating.

  • Quick and easy to use formula
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Ultra water repellent finish
  • Prevents sticking of ice, snow, insects and road grime
  • Can be used upon all types of glass
  • More expensive than standard formulas

Overall, the Rain-X 2-in-1 is a unique glass cleaner that also doubles up as a desirable water repellent. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that provides streak-free and long lasting results.

5. Best Professional: Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass Cleaner For Cars

Gtechniq is a much loved brand by enthusiasts and professionals and the brand claim that their Perfect Glass is an unbeatable glass cleaner. It’s designed to clean, polish and treat any glass surfaces with a formula that cuts through tough dirt and grime to provide a smear-free finish to the glass.

Once applied to any glass surface, it creates a positive charge upon the glass that repels dust build-up and helps to keep the glass cleaner for longer.

  • Pure solvent and fragrance free formula
  • Leaves no smears or streaks
  • Easy to use and treats all types of glass
  • Anti-static finish that repels dust
  • Must be used within 12 months of opening

To conclude, the Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass is a high quality glass cleaner that comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The high performance formula cuts through tough dirt to reveal a smear-free finish and it won’t disappoint.

6. Best Value Runner-Up: Simoniz Anti-Glare Car Glass Cleaner

Another highly rated budget glass cleaner that can be used for internal or external car windows is by the Simoniz brand. It’s an easy to use streak-free formula that’s been designed to reduce glare and remove insect deposits, traffic film and so much more

  • Anti-glare and streak-free finish
  • Suitable for all types of glass
  • Removes all types of dirt with ease
  • Versatile formula that can also be used around the house
  • Not as effective when compared to other formulas

Overall, the Simoniz car window cleaner is a budget option that provides great results each and every time. It can also be used for domestic tasks such as cleaning mirrors, showers and many other applications.

How We Tested & Rated The Car Glass Cleaners

As we are detailing enthusiasts, we hate to see streaks or water spots upon our windows and we’ve tried a number of formulas to keep our car windows looking at their best. Whether we are cleaning normal or tinted glass, we have tested a whole range of formulas from some of the biggest brands in the UK. As shown in the photo, we recently tested the best rated car glass cleaner as well as a new formula by Adam’s upon a number of cars.

As well as testing, we also based our recommendations upon plenty of research and a number of factors. The factors that we considered included the ease of application, finish, effectiveness on all types of dirt and value for money.

Best Car Window Cleaner


Even if you use the best rated car shampoo on the market, you will still never be able to match the finish of a quality glass cleaner when cleaning car windows. The unique mix of ingredients helps to remove water marks and all types of dirt without leaving any streaks or residue across the windows.

All of our recommendations are suitable for all budgets and include a mixture of premium options with additional additives. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you avoid the cheap cleaners as they are known for smearing.

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