How To Check A Car’s Tax And Insurance Status

Checking that your car is insured and taxed has been made far more easier than it once was thanks to the internet. All that’s required is your car’s registration number to check the status of the tax and insurance and we show you exactly how to do it for free.

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check my car tax and insurance
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As you probably already know, it’s a legal requirement to have tax and insurance on your car to drive on public roads. It has been this way for many years and failing to keep your car insured and taxed comes with consequences.

For example, if you are caught driving your car without tax, you’ll be fined but if you are caught driving without insurance, you’ll be fined and also face points on your license.

Luckily, it’s very easy to check your car’s insurance and tax status online and we show you exactly how below.

How To Check My Car Insurance Status

To check your car insurance status, you’ll want to use askMID, which is also used by the police for their ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. This means that the insurance status of your car upon AskMID will be the exact same status the police will see once your car passes an ANPR camera.

To check your car is insured on AskMID, simply visit the website, enter your car’s registration number, accept the terms and conditions and then click “Check this vehicle”. You’ll then be greeted with the current insurance status of your car.

Below are examples of what you’ll see as confirmation for an insured and uninsured car.

check car insurance status
how to check if a vehicle is insured

Checking your car is insured upon AskMID is completely free and it takes less than 30 seconds to do. It’s important to note that it won’t reveal any personal information but its best used as a confirmation that your car is insured.

My Car Is Showing As Not Insured

If you’ve checked your car’s insurance status on Ask MID and it’s showing as uninsured (even though you know your car is insured), there may be a number of reasons for this such as:

  • There may have been a typo – did you enter the correct registration number of your car?
  • Insurance company has insured the wrong car – Typo error on their end when setting up the policy.
  • The database hasn’t updated yet – it can take a few days for Ask MID to update if you’ve only just insured the car.

For complete peace of mind, if your car insurance status is still showing as uninsured after 48 hours, we would recommend getting in touch with the insurance company.

How To Check My Car Tax Status

Checking that your car is taxed is just as simple as checking your insurance status and it’s done via the government’s website. The online service is completely free to use and all you need is your car’s registration to perform the check.

To check your car’s tax status, visit the government’s tax checker, click “Start now”, enter your car’s registration number and then click “Continue”. You’ll then be asked to confirm your car’s make and model, then complete the check by clicking “Continue” for the final time. Once complete, you’ll be greeted by the car’s tax status as well as its MOT status.

Below are examples of what you’ll see as confirmation for a car that’s taxed and untaxed.

is car taxed and insured
is my car insured and taxed

Compared to checking your car’s insurance status, the results from a car tax check provides you with slightly more information. For example, as you can see from the above tax checks, it states when the tax is due as well as the car’s MOT status and expiry.

My Car’s Tax Status Is Showing As SORN

If you’ve checked to see if your car is taxed but it’s showing as SORN, you have two options. The first option is to leave it declared as SORN if you intend to leave it off the road. However, if you intend to use it on the public road again, you’ll need to tax it using your car’s V5 number. After taxing a car that was declared SORN, the database should update within a few days to show it as taxed. If you require further information, we’ve written a comprehensive guide regarding SORN.
car tax and insurance check


Driving your car on a public road without insurance or tax puts you at risk of a fine and it’s simply not worth it. Therefore, if you are unsure, we strongly recommend checking your car’s tax and insurance status before going for a drive.

It’s important to note that all cars that drive on a public road need to pay for insurance but there are some exemptions when it comes to tax. For example, electric cars currently don’t need to pay for tax but this may change in the future. Other exemptions include historic cars that are over 40 years old and vehicles used by people with a disability. However, these vehicles aren’t automatically exempt and you’ll need to complete some paperwork with the DVLA beforehand.

If you require further information regarding your car’s insurance and tax status, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.

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