How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

There is nothing worse than walking out to your car to find that a bird has left you a lovely present on the paintwork. However, getting bird poop off your car is relatively easy and it can be achieved safely using a number of methods.

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How To Get Bird Poop Off Car
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Bird poop that’s left to dry on your paintwork can cause etching marks to appear when you eventually get around to cleaning it off. Therefore, it’s always worthwhile trying to get the bird poop off the car as soon as possible.

One of the worst things you can do to remove bird poop from your car is to rub a cloth or tissue paper into the mess. This can lead to swirl marks and other light scratches appearing on the paintwork. However, leaving baked bird poop upon your car for too long can lead to etching, which is caused by the acidity of the droppings.

To help you safely get bird poop off your car, we have a number of methods that you can try out below.

How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

Using Bird Dropping Wipes

One of the easiest methods to get bird poop off your car is to use dedicated wipes. They are ideal for spot cleaning and work great on baked bird poop upon the paintwork too.

As you can see in the photos below, we used the Autoglym Wipes on dried bird poop. In terms of using the wipes, simply place the wipe onto the bird poop, allow it to soften into the wipe and then lift the wipe clear along with the mess.

bird poop on car
how to remove bird poop from car
how to clean bird poop off car
how to get baked on bird poop off car

Considering the small cost of these wipes, they are ideal for keeping in the car or garage for spot cleaning. It’s worth pointing out that if the car wasn’t dirty, it wouldn’t have left any residue that’s shown in the fourth image.

Using A Detailing Spray

Another quick and easy method to remove bird poop is to use a detailing spray such as a waterless car wash. You can simply spray it onto the bird poop, allow the formula to get to work and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

Using Hot Water

If the bird poop is yet to dry on the paintwork of your car, you may be able to easily clean it away with hot water. However, if there are traces still left behind, you may need to use the methods above or wash the car.

What If There Is Too Much Bird Poop?

Depending upon the amount of bird poop on your car will determine whether or not the removal methods above are suitable. For example, if your car is covered in bird poop, it would be better to thoroughly wash it using car shampoo.

Unfortunately, I had seagulls nesting on the roof of my garage and as they were building a nest, they completely covered the car in bird poop. We took a video (as shown below) of the bird poop on the car and it was truly terrible.

Due to the amount of bird poop on the car, we got the car pressure washer out and used an effective snow foam to break down the baked bird poop. As we cleaned the car just a few hours after, there wasn’t any damage to the paint but if we left the bird poop on the paint, it would’ve caused a lot of damage.

How To Remove Bird Etching Marks

If you’ve removed the dried bird poop from the car but noticed that there are etching marks left behind, you have a number of ways to rectify the defects. By far the most common method to remove bird etching marks is to use a car polish but this may be fairly time-consuming if you are looking for a quick fix.

Alternatively, there are many intuitive products such as the Autoglym Reflow that removes markings without the use of any equipment. It’s able to do this by using heat to lift the etching markings from the clear coat. If you need to tackle any etching marks, we wrote an in-depth guide on how to remove old bird poop stains and etching marks.

How To Prevent Birds Pooping On Your Car

Preventing birds from pooping upon your car in the first place can solve many of your issues. If you aren’t using the car on a regular basis, investing in a car cover is the best way to prevent bird poop from causing damage to the paint.

However, if you use the car every day, we would recommend avoiding parking near the following:

  • Edge of buildings
  • Lamp posts
  • Trees
  • Near rubbish bins
  • Near birds nesting


Finding bird poop on your car is very frustrating and it can also be damaging to your paintwork too. Even if you use quality car wax on your paintwork, the acidity of the bird’s poop can still makes its way through the protective layer.

Therefore, if you notice bird poop upon your car, don’t leave it until you next wash the car and get it removed as soon as possible. We personally keep the Autoglym wipes in our car so that we can safeguard our paintwork from bird poop.

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